The Army Heritage Trail serves as the USAHEC's outdoor museum. It encompasses the grounds of the USAHEC, covering about one mile and highlights nearly every era of Army history with different exhibits and large artifacts. Designed to provide an immersion experience that allows the visitor to walk into each period represented, the Trail also serves as a stage for living history presentations by historians serving as interpreters.

Fourteen individual exhibits include full scale reconstructions of a French and Indian War way station, Redoubt Number 10 from the Revolutionary War siege of Yorktown, a section of the Antietam battlefield, a Civil War winter encampment with cabins, a WWI trench system, a WWII company area, a replicated Normandy Bocage scene from World War II, a Current Operations HESCO Bastion barrier checkpoint, and an interpretation of the Vietnam helicopter air assault at Ia Drang that includes a period Fire Support Base. Additionally, there are numerous smaller exhibits featuring armor, aircraft, and artillery from several different eras of U.S. Army history.

Army Heritage Trail Hours:

The Army Heritage Trail is open for visitation dawn to dusk daily and is under security surveillance.
The buildings and structures on the trail are open during normal hours of operation.

Dogs are welcome on the Trail, but must be on a leash at all times, and owners must pick up after their animals. Visitors are invited to walk, run or ride bicycles along the trail, but private motor vehicles are prohibited.

WWI Trench Exhibit Vietnam Fire Support Base Exhibit Yorktown Reboubt Exhibit Civil War Cabins Exhibit French & Indian War Waystation 18th & 19th Century Blockhouse Carlisle Forge Exhibit USAHEC Memorial Garden and Gazebo Hellcat Tank Cobra Helicopter Traditions Field WWII Core Area Barracks German Pillbox WWII Obstacle Course M5/M6 Antitank Gun Huey Helicopter Patton Tank Sherman Tank German Pak 43 Antietam Road 8 Inch Artillery Duster