Welcome to the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center
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Ahec Campus
The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) is the United States Army's preeminent research and event facility. We are dedicated to educating and preserving the legacy of the men and women who have served their nation as Soldiers.
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The USAHEC is an expansive facility with resources for Soldiers, researchers, and museum visitors. Parking and admission to the research facility, the museum, and all events is free. Researchers and the general public have access to the USAHEC's expansive library and archives; visitors to the USAHEC should start at the Information Desk at the Visitor and Education Center (VEC), which serves as the central welcome and orientation site.
  • Visitors can explore the one mile long Army Heritage Trail featuring macro exhibits from various periods in Army history.

  • Museum goers can learn about the Army's history through three main exhibit galleries in the VEC and Ridgway Hall.

  • Researchers and the general public have access to the USAHEC's expansive archives, holding over 16 million items covering U.S. Army history from before the French and Indian War to current operations.

  • If your walk through history makes you hungry, the Cafe' Cumberland is open during most normal business hours, featuring unique sandwiches, coffee, and a wide variety of lunch foods.

  • Before you head home, be sure to stop at the museum gift shop to peruse the selection of military history books, mementos, USAHEC branded clothing, and artwork.
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Tours and Accessibility
All of the exhibits at the USAHEC are self guided with in-depth displays, historical photographs, and articles based on primary source research from our archives. The USAHEC does not offer tours to the general public. Continuing education groups, U.S. and international military organizations, veteran groups, individuals with disabilities, and those with special circumstances may contact the USAHEC for information on tours and guides.

The entire USAHEC facility is accessible to wheelchairs and those with physical disabilities. If you or a companion needs a complimentary wheelchair, please stop by the USAHEC Information Desk to borrow one.


The USAHEC Mission:

The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) team makes historical materials available for use to support the U.S. Army, educate an international audience, and honor Soldiers - past and present.

Acquire: Purchase or accept donations of historical materials to fill collection gaps or improve holdings with items of exceptional U.S. Army and/or Soldier story value.

Hold: Account for and preserve historical materials by ensuring they are available for generations to come.

Exhibit: Display historical material to support research, communicate our holdings, and educate on site and virtual visitors.

Conserve: Care for historical materials, including preservation techniques, to protect them from threats, prevent decay, and ensure long term availability.

Produce: Use our collections to prepare information that aids understanding and decision-making, while making collections known to the widest possible audience.

Our Intent:

Our intent is to establish the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center as the nation's preeminent military research and education complex, dedicated to the study of the United States Army. In order to achieve this goal, the team must adapt. We will transform the organization, creating a digital archive, multi-discipline processing team, and historical services team. Additionally, we will combine customer support and education activities, as well as move collection management activities to the staff.

We will also realign functions and develop processes to improve production and our ability to actively support the Army. We intend to move from where we are today, as a multi-disciplinary organization, through inter-disciplinary cooperation to a "trans-disciplinary" (inter-dependent) organization by 2020.