Visitor and Education Services

The Visitor and Education Services (VES) directorate of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center is dedicated to teaching the U.S. Army and the American public about the history and heritage of the Soldiers who have served their country. The Visitor and Education Services is responsible for the USAHEC's education and interactive visitor programs and accomplishes this mission by bringing the U.S. Army's history to life. By creatively bringing the USAHEC's archives, artifacts, books, and manuscripts to life, VES makes history exciting and approachable to the Nation's public.

The VES provides visitors to the USAHEC facility with a variety of historical and educational experiences through continuing education programs, special events, workshops, and lectures. The VES staff is responsible for planning and executing the numerous public outreach events and services sponsored by the USAHEC. The larger USAHEC programs attract tens of thousands to the region each year.

The VES staff also provides team members for the Information Desk and other public-facing aspects of the USAHEC. These staff members run the Visitor and Education Center (VEC), the centerpiece of the USAHEC complex. The information desk serves as a welcome and orientation site for all visitors to the facility and the knowledgeable staff is able to direct visitors, answer questions, or just discuss U.S. Army history.

The Visitor and Education Center itself is a museum and conference facility which allows the USAHEC to display expansive exhibits highlighting various periods of U.S. Army history. The building also offers state of the art conference facilities, multipurpose rooms, catering, support for special events, and a gift shop featuring books and memorabilia of interest to any military history buff.


The USAHEC features numerous educational and historical programs including workshops, primary and secondary school field trips, and living history events.

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