Sgt Aron Cy Lubitsh
Videos by American soldier and World War Two combat cameraman Sergeant Aron Cy Lubitsh.

Lubitsh's Lens

Winner of the Bronze Telly Award for excellence in Film and  Video Production, Lubitsh's Lens was written and directed by AHEC‘s Audio  Visual Curator John Kurash. This film recounts the story of the Battle of the  Western Front of WWII from the invasion of Normandy through the end of the war.  The storyline includes subplots of the children of Europe and the liberating  American soldier while following the biographical journey of Sergeant Aron  Cyphen Lubitsh, US Army combat cameraman, through the battles of Western  Europe.


Flossenburg Prison Camp

This film, written and directed by John Kurash and edited  by Sam Deprospo provides a definitive historical record of the details and  gruesome reality of the Flossenburg Concentration Camp. The original footage  and script helps to define a world without reason. US Army combat camerman, Sgt  Aron Cyphen Lubitsh records the world shattering images of this work camp and  the survivors of this chapter of the Holocaust.

Cooking chicken in the field

From the MG William H Duncan collection. Sgt Aron Cy Lubitsh films soldiers “dressing” and eating a chicken while on a break from chasing the Nazi’s back to Berlin. After months of cold weather, food out of a can, and sleeping on the ground, imagine how that chicken might have tasted to these men?


Lubitsh filming Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services. Visit the Army Heritage Trail at AHEC to see a WWII Maintenance facility. Tell us about your favorite PMCS story.