Market at Washingtonburg, 2009
Come with us, on a journey back to the 18th Century. The Market at Washingtonburg, an annual event here at the Army Heritage and Education Center, takes our visitors back in time to show you how America might have looked at the time of the American Revolution. Join us, as we travel back in time, to the birth of our country, through the films and living historian demonstrations at the Market at Washingtonburg at the Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA.

Market at Washingtonburg Introduction

This unique educational experience is fun for the entire family. You might listen to Scientist and Statesman Benjamin Franklin speak about electricity or the state of the fledgling nation. Or maybe you will see George Washington commanding his troops. You can participate in an 18th century court martial and, if you are lucky, taste food that was prepared in the same manner as when they cook from around 1760. Our Blacksmith shop demonstrations show how early settlers turned iron ore into freedom while using cow horns for gun powder. 18th Century Field Tactics living historians use the guns that fired the shots heard round the world that trumpeted a new nation.
The 18th Century was a time when cow horns were fashioned into salt and pepper shakers and also used as a method to "keep your gun powder dry". Watch these videos and learn more about the history and heritage of the American Frontier. The United States Army and the United State of America are an interwoven tapestry of shared needs and responsibilities covering the history of our country. Watch demonstrations on British Rifles of the American Revolution, or Horn Making in 18th Century America. Do you know "How England Lost the South in the War for Southern Independence"? Well, watch our videos and learn.

Shoe Making

Brett Walker - Shoe Maker

Brett has been asked, "why did you become a shoe maker, or what bet did you lose". Back in the 18th Century, the average age of individuals who entered an apprenticeship was 12. Learn a new trade and listen, as Mr. Walker takes us down a path less travelled, and learn how to become a shoe maker.

The British Rifles of the American Revolution

Ernie Cowan / Rick Keller

British Rifles of the American Revolution. It didn't take long after Lexington and Concord for the British forces to know they were in trouble. Why? Because American Riflemen could roam beyond British musket range and fire upon them from 100 yards away. The British had no response. By the fall of 1775, the British knew they needed a rifle. Listen as the story unfolds of the British Rifles of the American Revolution.

"How England Lost the South in the War for Southern Independence"

Dr. Christine Swager
"How England Lost the South in the War for Southern Independence"

Dr. Swager, is a storyteller, not a historian, but even a storyteller must stick to the facts of the American Revolution. The British Army fully expected to destroy George Washington's army and that didn't happen. So they came up with another plan to re-think their strategy. Would northern troops moved to the south be the solution? Listen, and find out the outcome of How England Lost the South, in the War for Southern Independence.