General Omar N. Bradley
General of the Army Omar Nelson Bradley was one of the main U.S. Army field commanders in North Africa and Europe during World War II and a General of the Army in the United States Army. He was the last surviving five-star commissioned officer of the United States and the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These videos are part of the Omar N. Bradley Exhibit presented by the US Army Heritage and Education Center. Omar Bradley Exhibit Homepage

The Army’s Last Five Star General

Original film defining Bradley’s life and leadership from the Normandy invasion until the liberation of the European continent and the defeat of the Nazi’s.

Famous Generals - Omar N. Bradley

This Big Picture film, produced by the Army Pictorial  Service, is the story of Bradley and his rise to top rank in WWII. This film also  recounts his childhood in Missouri and his military career.

This Is Your Life – Omar N. Bradley

Ralph Edwards produced, directed and  starred in the hit series, This Is Your Life. The following information is  reprinted from the This Is Your Life website. General Omar Bradley asked Ralph  to do something to help returning World War II veterans, especially  paraplegics. He said they were depressed and reluctant to see anyone, including  their families. Ralph's ingenious solution was to profile a returning hero on  his radio program, which created a "voice" for all veterans.

A  paraplegic at Birmingham General Hospital in Van  Nuys, California, Lawrence Tranter  was  selected as the first honoree. His story was told by surprising him with people  from his past - family, friends, school teachers, and others - in an  emotion-filled episode. Knowing Tranter had ambitions to be a watch repair  technician, the show arranged for him to attend the Bulova School of  Watchmaking in New York. 

Two years later, Tranter returned to Truth or Consequences with his  training completed, a beautiful new wife, and a new lease on life. To top it  all off, Ralph presented him with the keys to his own fully stocked watch  repair store in his hometown of Murray, Utah. As Ralph first spoke the phrase,  "This Is Your Life, Lawrence Tranter, he realized he had a whole  new show in the making. Later, Mr. Edwards honored General of the Army Omar N.  Bradley with this episode.

This film is  part of the Omar N. Bradley collection at the Army Heritage and Education  Center and is gratefully presented here on this website with permission by  Ralph Edwards Productions.

General Bradley Museum Dedication

This film captures the dedication of the Omar N. Bradley  museum housed in Upton Hall on 8 May 1970. General William Westmoreland, then  Army Chief of Staff,  introduces General  Bradley.

A Town Named Bradley

Dedication of the town, Bradley, West Virginia,  in honor of General of the Army, Omar. N. Bradley.