Tue, November 19, 2013
Native American Dances Exhibit Culture at the USAHEC

Dancing is a window into the culture and history of the Native Americans. The United States Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is proud to welcome performers from the Redhawk Dancers, a part of the Native American Arts Council on Tuesday, November 19, at 6:30 PM. The dancers will demonstrate ceremonial and social dancing techniques from all eras and nations in American Indian culture. The dance demonstration will include interactive presentations where you can dance, too!

A key to keeping Native American culture alive is through dancing, and there are many different styles. Some dances are rituals performed during religious and marriage ceremonies or birthday celebrations. Others are performed to help the harvest, to invoke rain, or as a medium of storytelling. Social dances teach tribe history and folklore, and participation is intergenerational allowing the older tribe members to pass their values and traditions on to the next generation through dance.

This event is open to the public and FREE to attend. The presentation will begin at 6:30 and continue until 8:00. Parking is free.. For directions, more information, and a complete schedule of USAHEC events, please visit: www.usahec.org or call 717-245-3972.