Fri, July 10, 2009

Lewis Ney Celebrated his 100th Birthday with AHEC


Press Release
Army Heritage and Education Center
July 10, 2009
Contact: Brandi Buchman at 717-245-3012
Lewis Ney Celebrated his 100th Birthday with the AHEC
Joined by his two daughters, Lewis Ney celebrated his 100th centennial July 10th 2009, at a party held in his honor at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (AHEC).
Ney was born July 11, 1909. Originally from Harrisburg he developed a love for horses while living on his grandparent’s farm. He joined the Army in 1928 when he was only 17 years old.  After serving most of his career with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, he retired as a Chief Warrant Officer after 33 years of service. He currently resides in nearby Church of God senior home in Carlisle.
His demeanor was attentive and quaint as he was given a tour by AHEC staff. He made varied comments as he observed assorted collections of the unique photos, materials, and artifacts that were familiar to him from his days of being a cavalryman.
While touring the facility, Nye had the rare opportunity to don a pair of white cloth gloves regularly utilized by the staff to ensure proper handling of artifacts and held a 1905 experimental saber designed by Gen Patton. He took a moment to reflect and gestured how he saluted by raising the hilt of the saber up in front of his face then lowering it. 
Following the tour, the AHEC staff presented him with various memorabilia and photos relating to his time in the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, as well as photos of him taken during one of his many visits to AHEC’s events. 
With the assistance of LTC Mark Viney, Ney cut the cake using a saber while friends, family, and AHEC staff members sang “Happy Birthday”.