Wed, March 10, 2010

USAHEC Librarians Set For International Project

Many Americans view the Library of Congress as another landmark on a tour of the nation’s capitol, where one can get a guided tour of the lobby and, perhaps, see an exhibition of some of the country’s treasures. However, LC (known in the library world as “el-see”) serves a much broader purpose than a vacation destination. Its teams of knowledge professionals make the comprehensive record of American history and creativity both available AND useful to Congress and the American people. Their catalogs and digital collections can be utilized from the comfort of your own home at

Catalogers at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center’ Military History Institute were recently accepted as members of the Library of Congress’s international Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO), a subset of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging. This integrates the skills of subject matter experts into LC’s knowledge base of authoritative forms of personal, corporate, and geographic names. These are some of the subject headings you use to search for information at a library.

Pictured here l-r, Lisa Briner, Lori Sekela (Technical Services Branch Chief), Cindi Martin and Roberta Berthelot, will receive intensive training provided by an LC NACO trainer at the Heritage Center. After receiving their certification, these catalogers will be responsible for researching and adding accurate headings on all military subjects, most notably Army unit designations to LC’s world-wide database. The work done by these catalogers will aid researchers of the U.S. Army and military history not only at the center but also around the world for years to come. USAHEC is the U.S. Army’s first participant in this program.