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The International Fellows Program at the US Army War College




Carlisle Barracks has most of the facilities found in the average small municipality. All facilities and privileges ordinarily available to U.S. officers are extended to you.



Certain facilities can be used only by military personnel and their family members with identification cards. This card will be issued to all Fellows and their eligible family members while the officer is stationed at the College. ELIGIBLE FAMILY MEMBERS MUST HAVE MEDICAL COVERAGE FOR DURATION OF STAY AND BE LISTED ON THE FELLOWS INVITATIONAL TRAVEL ORDERS. OTHERWISE, AN IDENTIFICATION CARD CANNOT BE ISSUED. Eligible family members are spouse and dependent children under the age of 21 (or 23 if they are full-time students). Cards will not be issued to dependent children under the age of 10, although the children are authorized use of the same facilities as their parents. Other family members who may reside in the household, such as sisters, aunts, nephews, maids, or children who have reached their 21st birthday (or 23rd if they are full-time students) WILL NOT be issued identification cards and are not authorized use of facilities which require them. Fellows should pay particular attention to the privileges authorized each member of his household. No exception can be made in extending these privileges.



a. Dunham Army Health Clinic (DAHC).

(1) The clinic is staffed and equipped to provide care for most outpatient conditions. Emergency medical services are available at the nearby Carlisle Hospital. Medical services available include: Family Practice, Dental, Pediatrics, General Medicine, Gynecology, Minor Surgery and Optometry. Additionally, DAHC has a Physical Exam Section, Immunization Clinic, Physical Therapy Section, Laboratory, Radiology Section, Behavioral Health Department and Pharmacy.

(2) DAHC also has available appointments designed to provide care for acute minor illnesses on a same day or next day basis. The Clinic is open from 0730-1630 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and 0730-1200 on Saturday and Thursday, and closed Sundays. Appointments can be made by dialing 245-3865 (from off-post) and by dialing 5-3865 (on-post). Fellows are eligible for care in U.S. Army Medical Treatment Facilities to include the DAHC.

(3) Appointments st DAHC are scheduled through the IF Office. See Gretchen Morrison for assistance.

(4) Care for family members is available at DAHC on a space-available basis and will generate a charge for each outpatient visit depending upon the individual Invitational Travel Orders. Prosthetic devices, spectacles, hearing aids, and orthopedic footwear are not authorized for this patient class.

b. Dunham Dental Clinic. Dental care is available to most Fellows and some dependants. A list of off site providers will be available from the IF Office.



Download the latest Carlisle Barracks Housing Referral List by clicking here

a . RCO/Housing Division DPW 451 Fletcher Road, Room 101 Carlisle, PA, provides assistance in locating residences off Post. International Fellows are encouraged to use this service and assistance. The International Fellows Program (IFP) Office maintains a list of quarters suitable for International Families. Be advised that utility bills (water, electricity, heating oil, tele­phone, cable TV) are not normally included in the lease agreement.

b. Many house owners will expect you to sign a rental contract or a "Lease" prior to renting. This document represents a legal commitment and obligates you to fulfill the promises contained therein. Be sure to read a lease carefully before you sign it; if you do not understand something in the lease, ask to have it explained. The Carlisle Barracks Post Judge Advocate will provide assistance in explaining terms contained in leases. It is recommended that you check with the Staff Judge Advocate prior to signing a lease. Just as you are obligated to fulfill the promises in a lease, the owner is also obligated to provide the accommodations agreed upon as long as you honor your commitment.

c. Regardless whether you sign a lease, Pennsylvania law requires that you give "notice" or warning, in writing, before you move. Generally, the warning period must be the same as the period for which you pay rent. Notice must be given on a rent paying date. Thus, if you pay a month's rent on the first of each month, you cannot move before giving the owner the full month's notice beginning on the first day of the month. The same law requires the owner to give you similar warning prior to requiring you to move.

d. Furnished accommodations can be difficult to find. Rental furniture is available from commercial sources. In most cases, you will be required to provide your own eating and cooking utensils, glassware, dishes, linens, and blankets, even though furnished quarters have been rented.

e. As of January 2013, the lowest rental per month for families in residences is as follows:


  • 1BR Furnished $1700 3BR Furnished $2200
  • Unfurnished $950 Unfurnished $1300
  • 2BR Furnished $2000 4BR Furnished $2500
  • Unfurnished $1100 Unfurnished $1500


Cost of housing and utilities represented here are subject to change and are only provided for planning purposes.
* All dollar amounts are estimates *

(1) Water and sewer costs from $50.00 per month for a family of four to $90.00 per month for a family of eight. The bill is based on how much water is used. Advance payment of $100.00 is normal.

(2) Telephone installation charge is $45.00. The cost of basic local service per month is $28.00 per month. Special features, such as call waiting, call forwarding, etc. will cost more. The CenturyLink Communications Company provides commercial service to Carlisle Barracks and the local communities. Information concerning services available and current charges is available from the business office located in Carlisle, telephone number (717) 243-3131. Many people now prefer to use cell phones or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services rather then traditional phone services.

(3) Television cable is available in a variety of forms and levels of service to match your desires.

(4) Electricity is metered at each residence. The amount varies with the number of people in the family. Estimated cost of electricity according to number of bedrooms are as follows: 1BR-$75, 2BR-$125, 3BR-$175, 4BR-$250. Ask the landlord, the rental agent, or the previous occupant for specifics about individual houses.

f. Your Sponsor and the International Fellows Program office staff will provide assistance to you in helping to locate and arrange for occupying quarters. Do not hesitate to request assistance as needed.



Very limited Guest House facilities are available for incoming personnel requiring temporary accommodations not to exceed 30 days. You should arrange for accommodations as soon as possible. You can call the Carlisle Barracks Lodging office at 717-245-4245. The daily rate for a Guest House room is $59. Suites are $64. There is a $6 charge for each additional person over the age of 5. If the Guest House is unavailable, similar accommodations will be arranged at a commercial motel near the Barracks by calling the Lodging Success Program at 1-866-363-5771. It is best to work with your sponsor or your country's embassy in the U.S. to ensure you have lodging upon your arrival.



a. Registration for Public Schools will be conducted during the Orientation Course. If your children are not here at that time, you may begin the registration process on their behalf. You will need to know the following:

     (1) The medical requirements for school registration can be found by accessing the General Information tab and then viewing Medical Requirements.

     (2) Hand carry your child’s school records with you when you travel here, do not pack them with household items or clothing. They must be available
     to school personnel when you register. Have these records translated to English.

     (3) Children must have reached their 5th birthday by 31 August of the school year to be eligible to attend Kindergarten. Those younger may attend a      preschool or the Child Development Center at Carlisle Barracks at a small cost.

     (4) A child must be six years of age by 31 August to attend 1st grade.

     (5) The public school your child attends will depend on the location of your home.

b. Public Schools: Elementary, Middle, Intermediate, and Senior High Schools. There are no public schools located on Post. No tuition is charged for attendance at public schools for personnel assigned to Carlisle Barracks. Those personnel desiring to send their children to private or parochial schools pay the tuition and should register as soon as possible. The date for public school registration will be held in July during the Orientation Course. Parents should be sure to have each child’s IMMUNIZATION RECORD IN ENGLISH (with dates), and documents showing all previous school work and achievement in their possession upon their arrival at Carlisle Barracks. Dependent children will be assigned to appropriate level classes based upon their age, individual counseling, and evaluation of academic records.

c. Colleges and Universities. There are several accredited institutions within commuting distance from Carlisle Barracks. Programs leading to baccalaureate and masters level degrees are available in a wide range of academic disciplines. Those personnel desiring to send their dependents to these schools will be expected to pay applicable tuition fees. College costs are very expensive in the United States. Private colleges are much more costly than public colleges. Early application for enrollment is necessary to gain admittance to these institutions. Fellows desiring additional details concerning schools and disciplines available should request specific information from the Director, International Fellows Program as early as possible. Request should include the
academic discipline of interest and the level of schooling desired (undergraduate or graduate).

d. Dickinson College Cooperative Scholarship Program. In cooperation with the Dickinson College Office of Global Education, adult and college age family members of International Fellows have an opportunity to compete for a scholarship in the spring and fall semesters. The scholarship will cover the tuition for one (1) class (book costs and lab fees are not covered under this scholarship). Traditionally, those who receive a scholarship for the fall semester and earn a “C” grade or better, are permitted to apply for the spring semester without going through the initial requirements. Initially, candidates are required to fill out an application and submit a short essay on why they desire to attend Dickinson College under this program. All potential students whose first language is not English will be required to take an English Assessment Exam as part of the application process. This program allows family members to experience life at one of the finest private colleges in the U.S.


a. Post Exchange (PX). The Carlisle Barracks Exchange sells a variety of items and offers many services. Patronage of PX facilities is by identification card only and is limited to the officer, spouse, and eligible children. Activities and departments stocked are as follows:

(1) Main Store Complex. The main store offers a wide selection of goods and such services as check cashing/purchase of money orders/traveler’s checks.

(2) Root Hall Book Store. The book store is located in Root Hall and offers stationery, snacks, beverages and a variety of Army War College clothing and souvenirs.

(3) Package Alcoholic Beverage Sales. The Package Sales store is open Sunday through Saturday for authorized personnel of all ranks desiring to purchase packaged beverages. Sale of alcoholic beverages is restricted to identification card holders 21 years of age or older.

(4) Laundry and Alteration Services are available in Building 842, adjacent to the Commissary near the Post Exchange.

b. Commissary. The Commissary Sales Store stocks a complete line of groceries, meats, fruits, vegetables, household items, health, and beauty aids. Admittance to the Commissary is by identification card only and is limited to the officer, spouse, and eligible children.

c. Banking and Check Cashing Services. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) requires that all personnel that will have vouchers processed through DFAS have an account (savings or checking) allowing Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) for the settlement from the federal government. Since all Fellows will travel on U.S. Government temporary duty orders while at the War College, establishing an account at the Post credit union or other local financial institution within the first few days after arrival is vital. There is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) on Post serviced by the credit union that will allow a withdraw from funds in your account of up to $300 per day. It is strongly recommended to use a credit or debit card for routine travel and purchases. You should never keep large sums of money on your person or in your quarters/residences.

d. Theater. The theater operates on Friday and Saturday, showing a wide selection of new motion pictures. Evening performances are at 1930 on Friday and Saturday. Non-identification card holders may attend the theater as guests.

e. Thrift Shop. The Thrift Shop, which is operated by the ladies of the Post, has many excellent items for resale. Profits generated by the Thrift Shop are used to support post activities.

f. Child Development Services. Child Development Services provides a variety of child care programs for children ages 4 weeks through 12 years of age. Full-Day/Hourly Care is available for children ages 6 months through 12 years of age. Before-school, after-school, holiday, and summer care is available for children kindergarten through 12 years of age. Preschool classes are available for children ages 3 – 5. Classes are scheduled three days a week, a.m. or p.m., and two days a week, a.m. All children must be registered through the Child Development Center to use any of these programs.

g. Army Community Service (ACS). The Army Community Service Office is located in Building 46. Fellows and their family members may receive assistance by contacting the ACS Office in person or by dialing (717) 245-4357. The ACS offers such services as financial planning, consumer education, relocation services to include a lending closet, emergency assistance, and referral and information about the surrounding area and other installations.



a. Swimming pool. One outdoor swimming pool is available and is located behind the LVCC. The pool normally operates from late May through early September. Specific instructions governing hours, purchase of tags, lessons, and other details, are available upon request.

b. Golf. Golfing facilities include an 18-hole course (par 71) and practice putting greens. The club house contains a lounge called the “19th Hole”, as well as a sales store for the purchase of professional golf equipment. The normal golfing season is April through November. A limited number of golf clubs are available for daily use at the golf house. Golf carts may be rented on a daily basis for a nominal fee.

c. Gymnasium. There are two gymnasiums. In addition to the basketball court areas, the gymnasiums have two handball/racquetball courts, exercise and weight areas, an indoor track (17.5 laps to the mile), lockers and shower room facilities with saunas located in both men and women’s locker rooms. Also available at the gymnasiums are volleyball and semi-private exercise rooms, plus an all-purpose studio with mirrors.

d. Softball. There are three softball diamonds available. An organized softball program is conducted during good weather months.

e. Bowling Center. A modern six-lane bowling facility complete with automatic scorers is located in Building 686. League play and open bowling are scheduled all year.

f. Tennis. Four courts with lights are located next to the Thorpe Hall gymnasium.

g. Hunting and Fishing. Hunting is prohibited within the Carlisle Barracks Military Reservation, but wild game is plentiful in neighboring areas. A valid Pennsylvania hunting permit is required. Persons 16 years of age and older are required to possess a valid Pennsylvania fishing license. Fellows and their family members will be required to purchase hunting and/or fishing licenses prior to engaging in these activities.

h. Barracks Crossing (Bldg 870).

(1) Vehicle Registration Office. Vehicles must be registered on Post. Hours of operation are Monday 0900-1300, 1330-1500 and Tuesday thru Friday 0900-1300, 1330-1700. Office is closed weekends and all federal holidays.

(2) The Barracks Gallery offers custom framing, engraving, and exhibit space for the practicing artist. Works may be purchased at a reasonable price by the patron.

(3) Automotive Shop. This facility provides space, tools, equipment, and a qualified instructor for military personnel and their family members to perform repairs on privately-owned vehicles. Repair services are also available for a fee in this facility.

i. Youth Basketball. The Youth Basketball program is organized in the winter. The program usually includes teams from six leagues and is for both boys and girls. The teams practice at least once a week and play league games for approximately nine successive weeks beginning in late December.

j. Youth Soccer. The Youth Co-ed (boy and girl) Soccer programs are organized in the spring and fall. The programs include play based on High School Federation rules. Further information on the formation of teams, leagues and schedules will be published at the appropriate time.

k. Youth Services. The Youth Center is the major center for youth grades 1-12. With a membership of approximately 300, it offers a wide variety of organized functions as well as a place to gather. The club has pocket billiards, air hockey, board games, and table tennis equipment, big screen color television, video games, weight room, stereo system, and snack bar. There is also a small computer lab available for use during normal operating hours. Additional activities throughout the year include hayrides, paintball trips, ski trips, amusement park trips, picnics, and bike hikes. Membership is open to all youth (grades 1-12) family members of active duty and retired military personnel in addition to full time civilian employees of Carlisle Barracks and civilian USAWC students.

l. Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scout organization at Carlisle Barracks is under the Carlisle District and Keystone Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. During the academic year, an extensive scouting program is conducted by Carlisle Barracks, to include Explorer Posts, Scout Troops, and a Cub Pack. Explorer posts are coeducational. During the summer period a composite Carlisle Barracks troop participates in a summer camping program.

m. Girl Scouts of America. The Girl Scout organization is under the Hemlock Girl Scout Council. There are usually five troops, one Brownie, two Junior, and two Cadette.

n. Intramural Leagues. Intramural leagues for officers and enlisted personnel are conducted in football, basketball, softball, volleyball, and bowling. Tournaments are held for handball and racquetball.

o. Instruction. Normally, instructions are available at the gymnasium for self-defense and aerobic classes.

p. Jogging/Walking. Carlisle Barracks has a 2 mile fitness trail with exercise stations around the perimeter of the golf course.



a. A branch of the Carlisle Post Office is located at Carlisle Barracks in Anne Ely Hall and provides all normal postal services. Fellows are not authorized APO or FPO (Army or Fleet Post Office) channels to mail packages or letters to persons in their home countries who are not entitled to U.S. military postal privileges.

b. Mail addressed to Fellows should show grade, name, and organization (USAWC). The words “International Fellow” should appear on all your mail sent to the College. Mail for dependents sent to a military address should be sent “in care of” (c/o) the military member. Following are EXAMPLES of how you will address mail once you have been sent an address:

COL John Doe or Mrs. John Doe

International Fellow c/o COL John Doe

U.S. Army War College International Fellow

122 Forbes Avenue U.S. Army War College

Carlisle, PA 17013-5209 122 Forbes Avenue

Carlisle, PA 17013-5209

c. Personal mail may be addressed to you at the U.S. Army War College only until the time you obtain housing, then will revert to the personal mail at their home address.



a. The U. S. Army War College Memorial Chapel Center is located on Mara Circle, across from the PX parking lot. International Fellows and their families are welcome at all chapel programs.

b. The Protestant and Catholic Chaplains have offices in the Chapel Center. You are welcome to visit them personally or contact them at telephone number 717-245-3318. Drop-ins are welcome, but appointments are advised.

c. Jewish services are conducted at Milton B. Asbell Center for Jewish Life, 262 W. High Street on Friday evening at 1915 and Saturday morning at 1015. For information on Hebrew School or Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, call or email David J. Bennett at 717-732-5005 or

d. Islamic services are located at 505 Calvary Road (The Peace Center), Carlisle, PA. The number is 717-241-9600. Jumah prayer is held each Friday at 1230. Services are also conducted in Harrisburg at 407 North Front Street (about twenty-five minutes from Carlisle).

e. Eastern Orthodox Divine Liturgies are conducted at 1000 each Sunday at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, 1000 Yverdon Drive, Camp Hill, PA. Their number is 717-763-7441.

f. Protestant activities include regular and special seasonal worship, a comprehensive religious education program and a variety of social and community activities. Ongoing activities include chapel choirs, Senior High and Junior High Youth of the Chapel, weekly prayer breakfast, Protestant Women of the Chapel, retreats, and Community Bible studies. The Sunday School and Bible study groups include adult programs as a special emphasis.

g. Catholic activities include weekend masses as well as daily noon celebrations of the Eucharist. The religious education program encompasses a total sacramental preparation: First Penance/Reconciliation and First Communion, Confirmation (youth and adult), marriage preparation and RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). A parish council helps coordinate all the parish activities which include the liturgical ministries of lay Eucharistic ministers, lectors, ushers, altar servers and parish choir; the religious education ministry, with particular emphasis upon scripture study, and the junior and senior youth groups receive special emphasis, and finally the MCCW (Military Council of Catholic Women).

h. The Post Chaplains will assist members of other religions in meeting their religious needs.

i. The Chapel also hosts a special complimentary annual luncheon to welcome the International Fellows to the community, to acquaint them with the religious support in the area, and to allow them to ask questions of chapel faith group representatives.



a. The Letort View Community Center provides catering and community support programs for officers, government employees, retirees, and their families. Fellows are authorized full use of the Letort View Community Center. The Center has a spacious and elegant ballroom, as well as other rooms used for a wide variety of activities.

b. Carlisle Barracks Spouses’ Club. The Spouses’ Club is a private, independent organization whose nature and function are social, recreational, charitable, and educational. The Club sponsors yearly approximately twenty activities and makes monetary donations to various post and local organizations. In addition to these donations, each year the Spouses’ Club joins with the Thrift Shop to award scholarships to a number of family members who are graduating seniors and college undergraduate students with the best academic records.



A self-service cafeteria is available in Root Hall as a convenience to students, staff and faculty. The Root Hall Cafeteria is open Monday thru Friday with breakfast served from 0700-0930 and lunch served from 1100-1330. The Joint Deli is open from 1100 to 1400.


These pages, links and information are provided to assist you in your integration and attendance at the USAWC. If you need information or would like to make a comment, please contact the International Fellows Office or via commercial telephone (717) 245-4830.

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