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These Items Must Be Completed Before Departing From Your Home Country. SAO'S Please Assist As Needed.

These are very important administrative items you should complete before you leave your home country. The information below will help you and your family become established in the U.S.

1. Obtain a passport marked OFFICIAL or SERVICE (not a tourist passport). If you already have a valid passport marked OFFICIAL, make sure it will not expire before July 2014. NATO travel orders are not sufficient. You cannot travel to other countries as part of the curriculum with NATO travel orders.

The academic curriculum includes a trip to various other countries. The passport must have no restrictions to travel in the countries of the Western Hemisphere (North America, Central America, and South America).

2. A NATO, A/1 or A/2 visa is the normal type Visa issued. If the family does not travel with the officer, they may receive a B/1 or B/2 Visa. This may create a problem later in the length of time that family members may stay in the U.S. Please try to obtain an A/1 or A/2 Visa for all family members.

3. Get an International Driver's Permit. Bring your Country Driver's License. If you have both, you may begin driving immediately anywhere in the U.S. The international permit normally expires in one year. If you will attend an English language course in Texas, you will be in the U.S. longer than one year- recommend obtaining a Texas or a Pennsylvania driver's license.

4. Translate vaccination/immunization records into the English language for all members of the family who will reside in the U.S. The Pennsylvania School System WILL NOT allow children to attend school unless they have these records IN ENGLISH.

5. Complete the biographical information pages (BIO) and the computer knowledge survey included with this message. Mail, fax or email this information to the U.S. Army War College.

6. You may wish to bring some small native gifts to exchange with seminar members, military sponsors, and civilian sponsors.

7. Bring a copy of your college undergraduate degree.

8. If you are planning to participate in the Master of Stategic Studies Program (MSS) you will need to accomplish the following:

Prior to arrival to Carlisle Barracks you must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test. In order to enter the MSS Program, you must score a 83 (internet version). Make sure to include the institution code 8274 in the TOEFL registration mailing address.

You must bring with you proof of achievement of the country equivalent of a four-year education at a U.S. College or University (baccalaureate level).

9. Point of contact for this document is Mr. Kevin Bremer, DSN 242-3373, or commercial phone 717 245-3373. Fax is 717 245-4617 and the mailing address is 122 Forbes Avenue, Carlisle, PA 17013-5239. Email address is:

AY14 International Fellows

1. You will be given a technology assessment upon arrival. The purpose of this assessment is:

a. To assess your level of computer knowledge and help you prepare for the residency program at the U.S. Army War College; and

b. Provide data to refine the Automation for Executive Management Program (AEMP) to meet your needs by using the information from all International Fellows in scheduling computer classes and identifying resource requirements.

2. The U.S. Army War College (USAWC) has IBM-compatible Pentium Personal Computers (PC) available for student use. These computers are located in the seminar rooms, study rooms, and Computer Education Center. The standard software loaded on these machines is Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 07 (Word 07, PowerPoint 07), Outlook 07 and Internet Explorer.

3. Although basic computer training will be available in July and computer-based tutorials for additional computer proficiency are available throughout the academic year, you are strongly encouraged to obtain training opportunities on the above software packages before arriving.

4. You will be issued a new laptop soon after your arrival. This PC will have the same Microsoft software that is used at the Army War College and can be used by you at your Carlisle home to complete your writing and presentation requirements. You will also be able to use the laptop to dial-in to the War College to access e-mail and the Internet.

US Army War College International Fellows Program Registration Form - Biographical Data (Cbks Form 878)

Please fill out the U.S. Army War College International Fellows Program Registration Form. The Biographical data will ensure that all pertinent data on you and your family put into the U.S. Army War College system expedite your in-processing and integration into the community.

The form is available in pdf format or internet version. The internet version will be emailed to a contact in the International Fellows office once you click submit. The form takes approximately 20 minutes to fill out; please ensure you have all the data before filling the form out as soon as you can not save the data and return back to the form. If you need to add more information than the form allows, the form can be submitted mulitiple times.

For the pdf version please follow the below instructions :

(1) Give the BIO Data sheet(s) a name if you are saving. A recommended name is your country followed by "___BIO.pdf". EXAMPLE: "MexicoBIO.pdf"

(2) Do not leave anything out. More is better.

(3) If you need more space. Use any format you wish but be specific as to which block it pertains to.

(4) Email or fax it to the IF Office:

FAX: (717) 245-4617




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