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IF Program History

In 1978 the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army initiated the International Fellows Program at the U.S Army War College. The program provides fellowships of approximately one year to selected senior officers from allied and other friendly nations with an opportunity to study and research in close association with the War College faculty and student body.

Since its inception the International Fellows Program boasts:

  • 1215 GRADUATES
  • 115 different COUNTRIES
  • 41 HALL of FAME Members


IF Orientation Information

Academic Year 2013 (15 June - 8 July 2013) The Orientation Course is mandatory for all International Fellows. The Military Articles and Services List (MASL) number for the Orientation Couse is B171807. The purpose of the Orientation Course is to give the International Officer dedicated time to ensure that the integration to US Army War College and surrounding area is smooth and effortless. This 42 day course is broken down into a week-by-week format. Ranging from inprocessing to United States Field Studies Program (USFSP) events, the orientation course ensures that the objectives and intent of the course are met.

2013 Class Profile

  • Rank - 40 COL, 22 LTC 3 BRIG, 5 BG, 1 Mr.
  • Average age is: 45
  • Senior is 55; Junior is 36
  • Branch - IN, AR, CAV, EN, SF, QM, SC, AD, ORD
  • Campaign Experience: 37
Conversation and Culture
  • Social program for IF spouses, sponsors, and IF supporters.
  • ESL program combines English with culture
  • Weekly programs that are both fun and informative
IF Academic Field Trips
  • West Point & West New York
  • New Nork City (AWC Class)
  • Unified Command Field Study
  • Washington, D.C. (AWC Class)
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