The U.S. Army Heritage Museum
Collects, Preserves, and Interprets the American Soldier
through their Artifacts, Artwork, Documents, Photographs, and Words
The U.S. Army Heritage Museum (AHM) supports the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center by acquiring, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting the artifacts of the U.S. Army. Through exhibits, research, and interpretation, the AHM educates America’s Soldiers and public about the history of the United States Army. The AHM’s three primary goals are to collect the Army’s historical materials, preserve and process those materials, and provide access to the U.S. Army and the public.

The AHM concentrates on acquiring items and materials directly linked to individual stories. The link, called provenance, is essential to telling the Army’s story by bringing each artifact to life. The AHM team establishes an artifact’s provenance by also acquiring related oral histories, documents, photographs, and manuscripts. In addition, the team collects artwork produced by and for Soldiers to help define and describe the Soldier’s experience on and off the battlefield.

The AHM works with the Collections Management Division to preserve and catalog all acquired artifacts and their supporting materials quickly and efficiently. Preserving the materials may be the most important part of the entire process. When artifacts enter the USAHEC collection, the AHM team ensures each and every one is properly handled and professionally preserved to make them last for generations. Preservation includes a safe, secure, environmentally sound storage space for every item.

Once the U.S. Army’s artifacts have been acquired and preserved, the AHM presents the material, offering access to the U.S. Army and to researchers and visitors from around the world. The AHM team facilitates access to the collections by researching, developing, and fabricating exhibits throughout the USAHEC, offsite exhibits at the U.S. Army War College and the Pentagon, and on the Army Heritage Trail to illuminate and educate the U.S. Army and the public.


The Army Heritage Museum Tells the
Army Story, One Soldier at a Time
by designing:

  • Long Term Permanent Exhibits
  • Changing Exhibits at the USAHEC and Carlisle Barracks
  • The Army Heritage Trail
  • Traveling Exhibits

Army heritage museum