Thu, January 31, 2013

50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration

The USAHEC, as part of Carlisle Barracks, is pleased to announce its selection as a Commemorative Partner in the Department of Defense’s 50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration. From 2012 through 2025, the mission of the Commemoration is to “assist a grateful Nation in thanking and honoring its Vietnam War Veterans and their families, the fallen, the wounded, those who were held as Prisoners of War, those listed as missing and unaccounted for, the home front, Federal Agencies, all organizations that served or supported the Armed Forces, and our Allies.”

Working as part of the Department of Defense Commemoration, the USAHEC will honor Vietnam Veterans in the coming years through a variety of programs, including lectures, living history events, and small exhibits. For more information about the 50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemoration, including objectives, upcoming events, and an interactive timeline, check the official website: