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Adobe forms conversion

Effective Oct. 1, 2014, the Army implemented an enterprise action to discontinue use of Lotus (.xfdl) forms and adopt Adobe (.pdf) forms (ALARACT 223/2014 DTG 161752Z SEP 14, SUBJECT: Information on Army Migration to ADOBE Fillable Forms.)

On July 31, 2015, NEC removed Lotus viewer from all Army computers on Carlisle Barracks.  Lotus Forms remain available on the Thin Client computers in the USAWC Library only.  Air Force personnel and their supervisors, on the USAWC staff, will continue to have Lotus access in order to complete military evaluations and related actions.

What does this mean to you?

After July 31, 2015, forms created and stored in a Lotus (.xfdl) format will no longer be viewable on Carlisle Barracks computers.

ALL forms users must immediately exclusively use only Adobe (.pdf) forms to conduct business.

Department of the Army forms are now available on the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website, located at  Carlisle Barracks forms and publication users may readily access via the “Quick Links” drop down (CBKS Forms/Pubs link) on the front page of the network homepage.

Installation proponents for locally developed regulations, pamphlets, and policies that include forms must update them to incorporate Adobe forms.

Forms users, who have saved ‘working items,’ i.e., evaluation support forms, in Lotus (.xfdl) format must convert those files to Adobe (pdf) format now, if you have a continuing need to use the information.  Likewise, archived records stored in a Lotus (.xfdl) format that may require access at a later date (after 31 July 2015), must also be converted to Adobe (.pdf) format.

Carlisle Barracks organizations and personnel may refer all questions and concerns to the Carlisle Barracks Publications and Forms Manager, Mr. Mark Bowser, telephone 245-4201, email, office Bldg 122 (Root Hall) Room B02.