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Military Personnel Services Division - Reassignments


The Reassignments Section is part of the Military Personnel Services Division (MPSD) and is located in Anne Ely Hall, 46 Ashburn Drive, Room 133, Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA 17013.  The phone number is (717) 245-4685 or DSN 242-4685.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday (except Holidays and Training events) 0730 to 1530 hours & 0900 to 1530 hours on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Purpose:  To produce reassignment orders, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) & Temporary Change of Station (TCS), and NATO Travel orders for Soldiers assigned to the following installations and/or units:

  1. USAWC STUDENT DETACHMENT, Carlisle Barracks and Worldwide (FELLOWS)
  2. SCH USA WAR COLLEGE, Carlisle Barracks
  3. USAG, Carlisle Barracks
  4. DUNHAM US ARMY HEALTH CLINIC, Carlisle Barracks
  5. USA DENTAL CLINIC, Carlisle Barracks
  6. USA DEPOT LETTERKENNY, Letterkenny Depot
  7. USA DEPOT TOBYHANNA, Tobyhanna Depot

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders.  Our office receives the same Request for Orders (RFO) or EDAS Assignment Instructions (AI) that you receive; therefore, contacting us upon receipt of RFO or AI is not crucial.  We will contact you, via your Enterprise Outlook email, for any additional information, after we download your RFO or EDAS AI.

Please remember, we work diligently to produce your orders as quickly as possible.  Delays do occur but, mostly, you can count on the orders soon after the RFO(s)/AI(s) are posted.  Stateside (CONUS) PCS orders are the quickest and easiest to complete. The speed of completion is predicated on the accuracy and timeliness of answers to any questions we forward to you.  Overseas (OCONUS) orders are systemically time consuming.  Remember that all OCONUS PCS orders, when Family Members are included, must be Command Sponsored by the gaining Command.  The source of their decisions are based upon forms from you that we submit to them for consideration.  Orders cannot be completed or approved until the Command Sponsorship is approved. 

Temporary Change of Station (TCS) Orders.  We receive copy of the tasker from the USAWC G-3 and utilize the DAMPS-OCOTCS website.  DAMPS-OCOTCS is managed by IMCOM G-8 and HQDA G-3/5/7.  Two issues to be aware of:  1. DAMPS-OCOTCS does not allow publishing orders more than 60 days prior to the departure date for CRC or the AO.  2.  The WIAS Tasker is a guideline which often identifies “requirements” that neither IMCOM nor G-3/5/7 will approve.

In both PCS and TCS orders, we cannot deviate from RFOs or WIAS taskers pertaining to locations, dates, durations, etcetera.  For changes you wish to occur with the PCS orders, you must coordinate with SLD/HRC POCs listed in the RFOs posted.  With TCS, coordinate back with Ms. Bonnie Moore and/or the gaining TCS unit.

NATO Travel Orders.  The NATO Travel Order (NTO) is required for entry into, travel within and exit from Nations who are NATO member states IAW the Department of State Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG).  To produce a NTO, this office requires the following:

  1. City, State, Country & Date the traveler is departing from and going to.
  2. City, State, Country & Date the traveler is departing from and returning to.
  3. Travel order number.

Your Military Personnel Services Division - Reassignments tech works diligently to produce the orders required for your PCS or TCS.  We work in concert with the DEERS/ID Card Section and the Passports & Visas Office.  Success of our efforts is dependent on your cooperation, accuracy and timeliness.  The goal is to make receipt of PCS, TCS and/or NATO Travel Orders a smooth and efficient action; attempting to minimize the requirement for you to take time from your busy schedule to come to our office.  We utilize the Enterprise Outlook email system as the primary form of communication to exchange information, send documents and forms and, finally, provide you with your order.  We look forward to assisting you.