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March 20, 2017 --  Defense Travel System (DTS) users have reported receiving a phishing email. The scam consists of the DTS user receiving an email asking them to log into DTS at and to sign their travel authorization

immediately or their travel reservations will be cancelled or that their voucher is pending disbursement. 


This is NOT legitimate -- you can tell by the '.com'  URL. Government sites are '.mil.'


 It looks like this, below:





This notification was generated to inform you that an audit of Defense

Travel System VCH named ABYONGSANCXAR135626_V01 for you with authorization

number of 1TXJWX47 was just stamped REVIEW by the automation of DTS system.


Please to review your voucher log into DTS, select the following link with

your credentials:






Disbursing Office Voucher Number (DOV): T1625301 Disbursing Station Symbol

Number (DSSN): 1X348 Effective Payment Date: TBD


 Total Amount to Be Paid: $76.00





Note that the phishing link reflected a dot-com (.com) website address while the correct DTS website uses only a dot-mil (.mil) address. The phishing web-site accepts the user's CAC pin log-in information - which may ultimately comprise their digital certificates, which contains PII. 


Best course of action is to not click on the link and delete the email.