National Security Seminar: 31 May – 04 June 2015

The National Security Seminar is a one-week event that creates an environment for Army War College students and distinguished guests to examine current national security issues and exchange candid dialogue. NSS takes place during the first full week of June, immediately preceding graduation, and serves as a capstone event that enhances student learning through exposure to a cross section of American perspectives.

NSS provides a forum for distinguished speakers to discuss their views on issues of importance to the nation's security and welfare with students, International Fellows, and faculty of the Army War College as well as new members from across the country. The event will introduce NSS guests to some of the future leaders of the American armed forces and government and, in turn, permits the students to better understand the society they serve.

Approximately 160 new members join student seminar groups during the NSS. They come from a cross-section of American life and represent as broad a range of occupations, geographic regions, and age groups as possible. Since this is an outreach program with limited seats available, we intentionally invite new members that do not have an association with the military. This also has the effect of encouraging a free and frank exchange of differing views among the guests and students.

Approximately seven new members are assigned to each of the 24 student seminar groups. They are invited to become active participants in the discussions and are encouraged to probe and examine the seminar group's ideas vigorously and critically so as to give the students the benefits of their own personal experience and perspectives. New members are not expected to prepare in advance for the Seminar.

Each day includes a guest speaker who sets the theme for the day's discussions. Generally, we open the Seminar with a General Officer, currently serving or recently retired, to address current defense issues. On subsequent days speakers cover varied topics such as the challenges of civil-military relations, the role of domestic politics in national security, globalization, foreign policy, international security issues and the future role of the United States. Our speakers are widely recognized and accomplished experts in their respective fields.

Besides the guest speakers and the seminar discussions, new members also have the opportunity for more informal discussions at several social events. These include an “Ice Breaker Social” at the Army Heritage and Education Center (AHEC), welcome individual seminar socials on Monday night, and a Commandant's Reception held at Quarters One.

In addition, new members and their spouses are provided the opportunity to take a "staff ride" to the Gettysburg Battlefield with our experienced historians.


New members may be nominated by a variety of sources, including prior NSS attendees, War College students and alumni, staff and faculty, the Army War College Foundation, as well as Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army from around the country. We do not accept self-nominations.

Nominees who are subsequently chosen for invitation will be required to provide for their own travel arrangements to/from the Harrisburg area. However, daily hotel accommodations, transportation and meals are provided by the Army War College.
Nominees will be notified in the February timeframe regarding their selection status as a primary or alternate invitee.

NOTE: We are in the process of implementing a new web-based nomination and processing system. We anticipate the new system being operational by mid-August 2015. At that time, there will be several new NSS web pages, to include an online nomination form for you to use to nominate perspective NSS candidates. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Non-attribution Policy

Full freedom of expression is encouraged during all academic endeavors. Participants may speak openly, as it is the tradition of the College that others will not later attribute statements to them in public media or forums or knowingly transmit them to persons who will enter statements into the public arena.

National Security Seminar
U.S. Army War College

National Security Seminar - Last Year's Summary

The 60th Annual National Security Seminar opened on Monday, June 2nd with NSS Week guests meeting their student seminars for the first time. The morning provided a formal kick-off with a Welcome Address by the Commandant, Major General Cucolo. Our Keynote Address was provided by US Army General (retired) Barry McCaffrey, Commander of the 24th Infantry Division during Desert Storm and former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Clinton. General McCaffrey discussed the continuing "Role of US Power in the World." At the conclusion of his remarks, he spent another 45 minutes in a question and answer session before participants returned to their student seminars. That evening, each seminar group gathered for dinner at various locations around Carlisle for a time of socializing and reviewing the day's events.

On Tuesday, four distinguished faculty of the US Army War College conducted a geopolitical panel discussion titled “Looking Out: Geopolitical Challenges and Opportunities.” Following the Q&A session, attendees again went to seminar rooms to discuss their remarks. After a luncheon at the Letort View Community Center (LVCC) on post, students and new members had the opportunity to attend one of five optional noontime lectures presented by Army War College faculty and staff. Tuesday's offerings included, "Chinese Economic Power and the U.S. Response," "Critical Thinking and Judgment for Strategic Leaders," "Landpower and the Joint Force," "Africa and US Policy, " and "Transnational Crime in the Americas." The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to seminar discussion time. The last event of this very full day was the Commandant's Reception at Quarters One, where students, faculty and new members enjoyed a social event in one of Carlisle Barracks’ historic buildings.

On Wednesday, Dr. Rachel Maddow, a political commentator for MSNBC and author of the recent bestseller "Drift," gave an thought-provoking speech titled "Looking In: The Unmooring of American Military Power." After the Q&A session, and following the afternoon seminar period, NSS guests and their spouses took a Gettysburg "Staff Ride," spending over five hours on the battlefield with U.S. Army War College historians.

Thursday morning began with a seminar discussion of the Gettysburg Staff Ride followed by Dr. Peter W. Singer’s address on "Looking Forward: The Future of National Security." The Commandant closed the five-day event with his concluding remarks and then the fast-paced week drew to a close.

As is traditionally the case, the 2014 National Security Seminar was an engaging and thought-provoking week. Guests provided overwhelmingly positive feedback that highlighted the opportunity they received in student seminars to discus and debate issues and to learn the perspective of rising senior leaders. Likewise, student feedback pointed to the diversity of the new members in their seminars and the very high quality of the guest speakers as keys to success during the week.