The Carlisle experience is a journey that's unique for each student who selects from a thoughtful collection of academic, family, social, sports and other professional activities to shape a new professional identity at the strategic level.



USAWC Commandant

Maj. Gen. William E. Rapp

Teammates: Congratulations on your selection to join the United States Army War College Class of 2015! You've made it through an incredibly tough professional selection process - you and your classmates are among the top 9% of several different populations who were competing for resident attendance, so you can be very proud of your selection.

You're coming to the best - and most unique - of all the available Senior Service Colleges. Not only are we a first-rate educational institution, we are uniquely postured to develop you both intellectually and professionally like no other war college. That is because Carlisle Barracks is focused exclusively on the student experience with no distractions ... and our students do not commute -- they live on post or in a community next door ... a networking and Family experience.

Carlisle Barracks Garrison Commander

LTC Kimberly A. Peeples

Congratulations and welcome to Carlisle Barracks. For more than 250 years, Carlisle Barracks has been an Army leader through education, training and leadership, and a community partner through good citizenship. Located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the post has been home to schools that have educated leaders from the American Revolution to today's global operations.

We work every day to help make your Carlisle experience the best it can be, both in and out of the classroom. I encourage you to take full advantage of your time here through the range of programs and services you will soon learn more about on this site.

My Family and I love it here and I know you will too.

Garrison Commander Welcome Letter

Students Voices

Col. Ken Kamper

Col. Simon Hetherington


Pre-arrival processing, or PAP, is a full-service resident student site to remotely apply for housing, set up accounts needed immediately upon arrival, and accomplish the pre-arrival checks that will ease your transition to this academic assignment. PAP is a secure site - password protected -- for your personal information, biographical sketch, assessments, surveys, information forms and applications to be completed at your own pace.

The site is open to U.S. military and civilian USAWC students who have been officially notified for selection to the Army War College and have received an email with their account registration token (encrypted key). Once you receive the email, click on the link provided and enter your token where prompted. The token will only work once, so you must follow the wizard to establish a password, register your CAC, and select your three security questions to complete the registration of your account. After completing your account registration you will be taken to the KMN home page where you can access the Pre-Arrival Processing (PAP) module. From there you can begin to complete the pre-arrival processing steps. You may return to the site to continue your pre-arrival processing at any time using either your CAC card or UserID (email address) and password.

First 30 days

The First 30 Days lays out what you need to know to navigate arrival,in-processing, orientation, readiness AND enjoyment for your initial weeks: everything to expect from the front gate to your children's school and your first academic class.

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On-post Family Living

MAXIMIZE the Carlisle experience by living in on-post family homes. Balfour Beatty Communities, Carlisle Barracks' private housing partner, is committed to providing high quality homes in a welcoming and safe community.

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Academic focus and choice/ Key dates

The School of Strategic Landpower's academic curriculum includes both required core courses and personal choices in pursuit of Individual Learning Objectives that are developed early in the academic year – with guidance from your faculty advisor and inspiration from the enriching activities that comprise the Carlisle experience.

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Seminar Experience

As a member of the U.S. Army War College Class of 2015, you'll join a body of students selectively identified for their potential to leadership at the strategic level. The class will include as many as 80 International Fellows, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force officers of active and reserve components, and Civilian national security professionals. No more than 60 percent of the class is Army.

Each student is assigned to one of 24 seminars: cohort groups that will work together to study, analyze case studies, collaborate on experiential learning exercises, and learn from one another. To leverage the power of adult learning from diverse peer backgrounds, the seminar represents the JIIM national security environment -- that is, the joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multinational environment in which graduates will be expected to operate effectively and immediately.

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Brig. Gen. Main Chowdhury

Brig. Gen. Codanda Cariappa


Kimberley Hetherington
Student Spouse Canada

Brigid Stewart
Student Spouse U.S.A.


Nowhere does the military mission so closely integrate spouses with a range of opportunities to select from and enhance your personal interests, professional development, fitness, resiliency, and social networking. In fact, the Military Family Program sponsored by the Strategic Leader Development and Resiliency Program, is wholly focused on programs, classes, and workshops for spouses whose voices help shape the program offerings and the Military Family Program optional annual project.

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Assignment at Carlisle Barracks is like a long hall of open doors. Whether you're an athlete, a thespian, an artist, an outdoorsman (or wanna-be), an historian, a scholar …. Being HERE opens doors to school-based activities, to adventures and experiences sponsored by on-post agencies, like Outdoor Rec, the Chapel Youth, Youth Services and the post's Fitness Campus, and to a wide range of activities within an hour drive.

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Matt Funk
Student Carlisle High School


Gina Botters
Student Spouse U.S.A.


"Family-friendly" is more than a bumper sticker at Carlisle Barracks. This section identifies a selection of the family-oriented activities and opportunities; and a wealth of information about schools in the area.

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Community Resources

Carlisle Barracks is a dynamic center of services and activities -- surrounded by vibrant communities nested in the heart of the Cumberland Valley. At your fingertips, here, is a guide to services and resources on the Carlisle Barracks post, excellent schools and nationally-ranked colleges in the local area, and helpful Pennsylvania references to guide you.

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Enjoy Pennsylvania

Covered bridges, antique shops, old-fashioned buggies among 21st century cars, downtown federal-style architecture, street fairs, outdoor life, the Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia ... are among the amazingly diverse, unique and fun reasons to love a Pennsylvania assignment. Find a wide-ranging selection ...

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