Develop your own Carlisle experience. Select from a thoughtful collection of academic, family, social, sports, and other activities that will support your efforts to shape a new professional identity at the strategic level.



USAWC Commandant

Maj. Gen. William E. Rapp

A national treasure, the Army War College has served our country well for more than a century, preparing senior military officers and civilians for strategic leadership responsibilities, while leading the Army in strategic thought and ideas. Today, we recognize the rapid pace of change as we anticipate and prepare for the future, still pursuing the broad objectives established by Secretary Elihu Root in 1901, "… not to promote war, but to preserve peace by intelligent and adequate preparation to repel aggression … to study and confer on the great problems of national defense, of military science, and of responsible command."

Students of the Army War College Class of 2016 will partner in professional development with scholars and practitioners who offer a high-quality, innovative curriculum and produce relevant and influential scholarship on topics of strategic importance to the Army and the Joint Force. They’ll tap into human resiliency programs that enhance mental agility, adaptability, openness to cultural understanding, professional judgment and physical toughness. And, they'll benefit from a positive, developmental environment of Carlisle Barracks: the most strategic acreage in the country.

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Carlisle Barracks Garrison Commander

LTC Kimberly A. Peeples

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Focused on family, fitness, and academic support, the Army Garrison team at Carlisle Barracks is a full-service, customer-focused professional staff here for our residents, students, employees, and the large military community that relies on us for military benefits and support.

Transition can be difficult for families, especially, and Carlisle Barracks has mastered the art of easing transitions. The team here is ready to advise you before you arrive and to guide you upon arrival; there is contact information peppered through this web site. Close working relationships with the area school districts, the transportation office, and the housing office have created best-practices in anticipating your needs, responding to your queries, and minimizing bureaucracy. The school liaison office is a particularly important one-stop resource about our Child Development Center, school-age Youth Services and Youth Sports, area schools and home-schooling – in the Families section, below.

This post is small at less than 500 acres but mighty in terms of the scope and excellence of programs and support.

Student Voices

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Col. Mark Baxter

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Brig. Apollo Kasiita-Gowa

Before You Travel

Find need-to-know planning insights suggested by your colleagues in previous classes.


Online In-Processing is a one-stop site to help us prepare for your successful transition.

  • The Online In-Processing includes applications for housing, captures biographical information, triggers your name tag, and links to mandatory academic pre-assessment surveys.
  • It includes applications for the Exceptional Family Member Program, pre-arrival family medical screening, and other important family information.

The site is secure. You will access it with a personal token to be made available to each student after official notification of selection to the Army War College. You'll receive a G1 email that includes your personal token to enter Knowledge Management/ Online In-Processing site. You'll be guided to establish a password of your choice and select three security questions to complete registration of your account. From that point, you can begin to complete the Online In-Processing.

NOTE: The key is a one-time use, with a 30-day lifespan. If you've created your account within that 30 days, you may return to the site at any time using either your CAC card or your User ID. If you do not use the key within 30 days, contact the G1 at

First 30 days

The First 30 Days lays out what you need to know to navigate arrival, in-processing, orientation, readiness AND enjoyment for your initial weeks: everything to expect from the front gate to your children's school and your first academic class.

Here, you’ll find need-to-know and good-to-know information for USAWC students, spouses and families.

Each student will be able to create his or her own Carlisle experience by balancing academic pursuits, professional development, and personal growth through complementary social, family, fitness, and resiliency activities found here – where student success is mission #1.

  • Fairly unique: Life with little to no commute time
  • Quite unique: First-person experience with icons of U.S. military history
  • Totally unique: Uniquely Carlisle activities and programs stretch across the 10-month calendar from Opening Ceremony and a host of icebreaker activities -- through the class socials; national security staff rides to Gettysburg National Battlefield and New York City and Washington DC; and Jim Thorpe Sports Days – to closing activities that include National Security Seminar, the Joint Ball, and Graduation.
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"Uniquely Carlisle"

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Lt. Col. Karen Briggman
U.S. Army, Class of 2015

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On Post: Campus Life

Maximize your Carlisle experience by living on campus -- convenient, small, tailored for all activities for family, retail, academic, fitness, spiritual and social life.

Student assignment for on-post homes is prioritized: (1) military members (US and international) who are accompanied by family; (2) unaccompanied US and international military members: geo-bachelors; (3) civilian students. Housing applications completed through the Online Inprocessing site as of 17 April 2015 will be prioritized according to bedroom requirements and placed on the appropriate waiting list by date of rank order (with promotable status taking precedence).
BBC's goal is to provide housing assignments directly to students no later than 24 April.
After the initial housing assignments are made, follow-on applications will be placed on the appropriate waiting list; eligibility date = application date.

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Academic Focus & Choice
Key Academic Planning Dates

The academic curriculum offered by the School of Strategic Landpower includes both required core courses and elective studies and activities that will enable you to reach the Individual Learning Objectives that you will develop early in the academic year, with guidance from your faculty advisor and inspiration from the range of enriching activities that you can use to create your personal Carlisle experience.

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Col. Jason Kelly
U.S. Army, Class of 2015

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Col. Nabil Ghiadi
Morocco, Class of 2015

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Col. Robert Dixon
U.S. Army, Class of 2015

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Seminar Experience


As a member of the U.S. Army War College Class of 2016, you'll join a body of students selectively identified for their potential to leadership at the strategic level. The student body of approximately 380 students will include as many as 80 International Fellows, as well as Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard officers drawn from the active and reserve components, with civilian national security professionals. No more than 60 percent of the class is Army.

Each student is assigned to one of 24 seminars: cohort groups that will work together to study, analyze case studies, collaborate on experiential learning exercises, and learn from one another. To leverage the power of adult learning from peers with diverse backgrounds, each seminar represents the joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multinational environment in which graduates will be expected to operate effectively and immediately.

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Mr Ken Looney

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Col. Amarsaikhan Serdari
Mongolia, Class of 2015

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Lt. Col. Laura Radley
U.S. Air Force Reserve, Class of 2015

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Kimberley Hetherington
Student Spouse Canada

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Brigid Stewart
Student Spouse U.S.A.

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Kathy French
Student Spouse U.S.A.

Nowhere else are spouses so well integrated with the military mission as at the Army War College. Opportunities are many for education, personal development, professional development, building resiliency, fitness, and social networks. In fact, the Military Family Program, sponsored by Senior Leader Development and Resiliency, is largely focused on classes and workshops for spouses, whose voices help shape both the program offerings and the MFP's annual Spouse Project.

Spouses create their own Carlisle experience through new friendships, official activities, seminar events for students & spouses, self-development classes, "Conversation & Culture" with international spouses, the Spouses Club's interest groups, Fitness Centers, Chapel activities, and personal pursuits that add up to incomparable memories.

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Assignment at Carlisle Barracks is like facing a long hall of open doors. Whether you're an athlete, a thespian, an outdoorsman, a scholar or historian .... Being HERE opens doors to school-based activities, to adventures and experiences sponsored by on-post agencies, like Outdoor Rec, the Chapel Youth, Youth Services and the post's Fitness Campus, and to a wide range of sports facilities, college and semi-pro teams, concerts, amusement parks and more -- within about an hour drive.

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Matt Funk
Graduate, Carlisle High School


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Gina Botters
Student Spouse U.S.A.

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Will Schmitt
SGT Andrew McConnell Youth Center

"Family-friendly" is more than a bumper sticker at Carlisle Barracks. Learn about the wide selection of family activities, a wealth of school information and the programs of the Carlisle Barracks School Liaison Officer, and "Uniquely Carlisle" experiences.

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Community Resources


Carlisle Barracks is a dynamic center of services and activities -- surrounded by vibrant communities nested in the heart of the Cumberland Valley. At your fingertips, here, is a guide to services and resources on the Carlisle Barracks post, excellent schools and nationally-ranked colleges in the local area, and helpful Pennsylvania references to guide you.

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Enjoy Pennsylvania

Covered bridges, antique shops, old-fashioned buggies among 21st century cars, downtown federal-style architecture, street fairs, outdoor life, the Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia ... are among the amazingly diverse, unique and fun reasons to love a Pennsylvania assignment. Find a wide-ranging selection ...

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Col. Paul Cravey
U.S. Army, Class of 2015