The Army and 'Sustainability'
This photo shows one of the new 'greener' targets installed on ranges as part of the Army's ongoing projects to enhance the environment. This silhouette resembles a Russian BMP, armored personnel carrier, and is made completely out of recycled steel. (Photo: Ms. Jennifer Caprioli)  



Dr. Jim Hartman
Center for Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War College

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Dr. Jim Hartman's chapter, extracted from a newly published book of the same name, examines the evolution of the Army's sustainability program and its contributions to the national strategic security objectives. Growing world population and an imbalance of natural resources are expected to affect U.S., as well as Army, interests. Dr. Hartman asserts sustainability is the nexus to ensure future security, which can only be achieved through the development and implementation of sound business practices. Dr. Hartman opines the Army, as a large institution, is well suited to lead a whole of government approach to sustainability.

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