What Army for the Future Security Environment?
These Armor artifacts from the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, KY, are moving to Fort Benning, GA, as part of the consolidation of infantry and armor training at a single 'Maneuver' training Center (Photo: Ms. Kellie Etheridge)  



Dr. David E. Johnson
RAND Arroyo Center

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Facing deep budget cuts, the Army is under pressure to quickly determine whether to base its future organizational structure around so-called "heavy" forces designed for "traditional" combat operations or on "lighter" organizations purportedly better-suited to "COIN" or "stability" operations. Many analysts are arguing the future security environment, particularly that of the Asia-Pacific region, will be unfavorable to any American Army capabilities. In this RAND study report, Dr. David Johnson provides his evaluation of the likely or potential value of heavy armor in the future world.

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