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An Israeli Defense Force's Homefront Command official briefs Major General Shellito, the adjutant general of the Minnesota National Guard, on emergency broadcast capabilities at the Israeli defense ministry headquarters during an Israeli national level civil defense exercise. (Photo: SSG J. Greenhill)




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The New Media and the Warfighter workshop was a collaboration between the U.S. Army War College Center for Strategic Leadership and The SecDev Group of Canada. The workshop used a case study of the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War in Lebanon as a jumping off point to examine the challenges and opportunities for leveraging new media, countering new media, and implications for operations security in contemporary warfighting. This workshop report was prepared by Deirdre Collings and Rafal Rohzinski of The SecDev Group, with substantive inputs from Dennis Murphy, Cindy Ayers, Harry Phillips, Jerry Johnson, and David Smith, all from the USAWC.

To access this CSL and SecDev Group Workshop Report, click here

The New Media and the Warfighter workshop was the second in a series looking at the potentially changing military operational environment, within which information is now pervasive, and the consequences for the warfighter.
To access the first report in the series:
Shifting Fire: Information Effects in Counterinsurgency and Stabiity Operations,click here

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