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U.S. Army Corps of Engineer civilian employees negotiate the Team Development Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. A Corps' program, Leadership Development, allows civilian employees to experience a day as a Soldier (Photo: Jasmine Walthall )  



Ms. Marcela Ramirez, CSL
Dr. Kent Butts, CSL

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United States Southern Command Command's Strategy for 2016 provides a vision of more collaboration with other USG agencies and also with NGOs/IOs and partner nations to ensure security, enhance stability and enable prosperity in the Americas. To that end USSOUTHCOM Command Engineers have organized a series of regional Military Engineering and Environment Conferences in the region. The objectives include supporting host nations in building institutional capacities; increasing sustainability and resilience of partner nations to natural disasters; identifying cooperative civil-military venues, developing recommendations on military engineering and environmental challenges facing the AOR, and creating strategic alliances throughout the region.

Learn more about these efforts in this short Issue Paper.

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