An Ocean Closer: U.S. Force Reductions in Europe
Colonel Hogg, assistant division commander (Support), 1st Armored Division and members of the 501st Military Intelligence Battalion welcome soldiers from Charlie Company, 501st MI, back to Germany following a deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom (Photo: SPC Andrew Orillion, 1AD)  



Colonel Shawn McGinley
US Army

USAWC Class of 2009

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What is a sufficient U.S. military force structure for ground forces in Europe given the current strategic environment? A plan to draw forces down to only two ground brigades has been put on at least temporary hold based on the request of the U.S. European Command Commander. How do the U.S. European Commander's strategic vision and force requirements compare with potential future U.S. National strategies? How does the global and domestic financial crisis effect the situation?

An AY-09 USAWC Student author explores these issues and offers an assessment on the continued value of sustaining the current US ground force presence in Europe.

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