Building Capacity: Think Strategically
Major Andrew Coleman, operations officer, Police Transitional Team, 1st Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment, accompanies an Iraqi partner for an inspection of some of the oil pumping equipment at a pumping station in Al Khidr, Iraq (Photo: SGT Francis Horton, USDA Public Affairs)  



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Among the many articles in this Issue of the PSO Journal are:

"Thinking Strategically About Capacity Building,"
by Dr. Harry R. Yarger

"Building Intellectual Capacity in Partner Defense Forces,"
by Raymond Millen

"Supporting the Rule of Law in Fragile States: Prison Medicine,"
by Colonels John McGrath and Roberto Nang, M.D.

"Negative Health Impacts Related to Conflict: Identifying Key Areas for USG Engagement,"
by Captain Bruno Himmler, M.D., USPHS, and

"Military Support to Civilian Capacity Building: Human Resource Development Efforts by the Japanese Contingents in East Timor,"
by LTC Hiroaki Takano (International Fellow, Japan)

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