USSOUTHCOM Interagency Meeting on Food Security
Some 60 volunteers from Joint Task Force - Bravo hiked three miles to deliver 600 pounds of much-needed food to two villages near Humuya, Honduras. The staple foods, including milk, rice, flour and oil, temporarily help Honduran families affected by rising food costs and poor crop production (PHOTO: Staff Sgt. Austin M. May).  



LTC (ret) Brent C. Bankus
Ms. Marcela Ramirez

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Within USSOUTHCOM's current strategy the U.S. military seeks to build partnerships with other government agencies that also operate in the region. This includes establishing public-private partnerships to tackle the issues affecting national and regional security issues such as food security. As part of this strategy USSOUTHCOM recently held an Interagency meeting on food security. It was a collaborative interagency effort that brought together participants from a variety of national and international organizations in addition to the Department of Defense. Participants included members from the Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and World Vision.

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