Wed, February 4, 2009
Army showcases high-tech robotics at War College
Robotics demonstrations will feature military robots that replace Soldiers for high-risk battlefield tasks at the Root Hall Gym and parking area, Wednesday, Feb. 19 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Like a 'car show,' the event will display 'concept vehicles' as well as large and small robots in use for military jobs like surveillance, and disposal of explosive ordnance. 

    Students from area high schools, as well as the students of the Army War College, are invited to participate and learn about these examples of applied science and technology.

     This is the Army's only educational robotics exhibition, designed for Army War College students to see the newest robotic technology developed in support of military operations. Robotics Day will showcase the future with recently fielded examples and those in development at various government and university laboratories.

     "We want to show the students some of the advances in technologies that the Army and civilian companies are coming up with to make their jobs easier," said Bob Barnes, who helped organize the event. "There is a good chance these students will encounter some of these types of machines in the near future."

   Some highlights include:

  • MDARS security robot – Currently deployed protecting Army Ammunition depots in the western U.S., it will operate autonomously on Indian Field
  • TALON SWORDS robot – Will be remotely controlled from the Root Hall Gym, and can be aimed with its targeting laser at various targets on Indian Field
  • T- Hawk flyable vertical takeoff and landing UAV now in use as the FCS Tier One UAV.

    iRobot is going to demo their IED robots at event. For the last few years, these Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGVs) have been used to detect bombs and conduct dangerous military operations while keeping our troops safe in Iraq and Afghanistan.