Fri, February 6, 2009
Students learn about Army Enterprise
Army War College students got a first-hand look at the Army Enterprise system during a talk in Bliss Hall

    Lt. Gen. Robert Durbin, special assistant to the Army Chief of Staff for enterprise management, spoke for more than an hour about what the Army Enterprise system is and how it can benefit them.  

    "We need to help adapt our institution for the future," said Durbin.  Durbin went on to explain that the adaptation touches all areas of the Army -- Soldiers, equipment, processes, training and services. 

   "We need to look at how we manage those important resources to make the Army run better," he said. He pointed out that these processes will become more crucial as the resources available become less abundant.

   Durbin stressed the importance of an "enterprise approach" to counteract consumption-based planning and behaviors present in today's Army. He pointed out the need to adapt the force in an era of persistent conflict.

    "The Army must adapt the institution to most effectively and efficiently deliver trained and ready force while preserving the all- volunteer force."  He said that Army Enterprise Boards have met to support open and frank discussions and solicit senior leaders input to strategic decisions.

    After his talk, Durbin answered questions from the students and faculty.

   Durbin was a perfect speaker to explain such an important topic according to USAWC student Lt. Col. Frank Zachar.

    "The Army noticed he had an affinity for data and capability to understand complex systems and moved him into positional that were important for the operational Army," said Zachar, who was also Durbin's former G-3. 

    Durbin spoke as part of the Joint Process and Landpower Development module in the USAWC curriculum. The course focuses on the tools and process necessary to develop trained and ready combat forces for the combatant commanders.

    He closed with what he felt was the most important reason that the adaptation was necessary.

    "It's the right thing to do for our Soldiers and our families."