U.S. Army War College Speakers Bureau


The Army War College student body includes senior military officers of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, foreign officers, and senior civilian managers of federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of the Army.

USAWC students' backgrounds are diverse, and the Army War College curriculum spans strategic leadership and management ... international relations and regional studies ... and contemporary military issues.

To request a speaker:

Please complete this form and send an email to usarmy.carlisle.awc.mbx.atwc-cpa@mail.mil


Sample topics:

  • Army operations, Landpower, Future Combat Systems
  • Air power:  Air Force operations, Space programs, current aircraft
  • Sea power:  Navy operations, Naval ships and submarines, Naval Aviation
  • Marine Corps operations, USMC Aviation
  • Coast Guard operations today, Homeland Security
  • Special Operations
  • Expeditionary warfare: Joint [multiservice] operations
  • Military space operations
  • Reserve and National Guard missions, all Services
  • Operations in Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Provincial Reconstruction Teams [Iraq & Afghanistan]
  • Government civilian careers and intern programs
  • Human dimensions of leadership
  • Managing organizational change
  • Military history
  • Ethics & warfare
  • Homeland Security, Homeland Defense
  • Counterinsurgency operations
  • Peacekeeping and stability operations
  • Humanitarian Assistance operations
  • Warrior virtues and values
  • Military Medical Services, Mental Health - on battlefield & beyond
  • Wellness, fitness, stress management
  • Army War College: history, educational program
  • Army War College International Fellows Program
  • U.S. Combatant Commands:  
    Africa Command, Central Command, European Command, Northern Command, Pacific Command, Southern Command
  • Global hot spots and regional insights
  • Energy security
  • National security
  • Military life - family support - wounded warriors
  • Cybersecurity
  • Defense Strategy