Department of Academic Affairs

The Department of Academic Affairs is responsible for coordinating curriculum development, academic policy, and the planning, coordination, execution, and assessment of all USAWC academic courses and programs.

DAA Personnel

Communicative Arts - The Communicative Arts Office is concerned with messages and their impact upon human affairs and issues of strategic leadership. Our mission is to enhance the communicative competence of strategic leaders through the development of effective research, writing and speaking skills that facilitate the creation and presentation of thoughtful messages to a variety of audiences.

Concepts and Doctrine - The USAWC Concepts and Doctrine Directorate is responsible for insuring that the staff and faculty are aware of emerging concepts and relevant Joint and Army doctrine, and that these are appropriately integrated within the curriculum. Our primary focus is on the national and theater-strategic levels. The Directorate also administers the General Officer Update program, supports faculty development, provides doctrinal support for the PAJE, and serves as the technical review authority for FM 3-93, The Army in Theater Operations.

Educational Methodology and Technology - The Office of Educational Methodology and Technology seeks to maximize the educational impact of the USAWC faculty by providing the methods and tools needed to facilitate world class instruction in a graduate level professional military educational environment.

Institutional Assessment - The Office of Institutional Assessment focuses attention on the USAWC education process by systematically gathering evidence on how well performance matches expectations and standards, and analyzes and interprets the evidence to document, explain, and improve performance.

Joint Education - The Office of the Director of Joint Education has the primary responsibility for the administration of three major USAWC academic and supporting programs: the Program for Joint Education (including Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) and the Process for Accreditation of Joint Education PAJE)), the Senior Service College Fellowship Program (SSCFP), and the Board of Visitors (BOV). The Program Director organizes and implements the fellowship program; facilitates compliance with mandatory USAWC MEL-1 research, writing, and publication requirements; and, renders referral and assistance on academic, research, and related program issues throughout the fellowship education period.

Parameters - " Parameters , a refereed journal of ideas and issues, provides a forum for the expression of mature thought on the art and science of land warfare, joint and combined matters, national and international security affairs, military strategy, military leadership and management, military history, ethics, and other topics of significant and current interest to the US Army and the Department of Defense. It serves as a vehicle for continuing education and professional development of USAWC graduates and other senior military officers, as well as members of government and academia concerned with national security affairs."

Registrar - The Office of the Registrar is responsible for student academic records within the U.S. Army War College. The office oversees the proper documentation and record-keeping of Resident and Distance Education students' records.

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