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The International Fellows Program at the US Army War College

General Information:


As a newly designated Fellow to the U.S. Army War College, you should report as soon as possible to the U.S. Army MAAG, military missions, or military attache (as appropriate) for instructions and briefing. Prior to submitting the Registration Form, you need to take the English Comprehension Level Test (ECL) and attain a score of at least 80. The actual score attained must be entered in the appropriate space on the Registration Form



In English, complete Carlisle Barracks Form 878, United States Army War College International Fellows Program Registration Form. It is essential that this data be complete and accurate and be returned to the College before 30 April. If additional space is required to provide complete information, you should attach another sheet to the form and identify the item or items being continued. Once you have completed the form, please transmit it to the IF Office by doing the following:

a. The CBks Form 878 Biographical Data Form (click here) needs to be completed. After completing the form online, proceed to the bottom of the form and select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the online form. A copy will automatically transmit to the IF Office at the USAWC.

b. Emailing (scan and attach) the form to CARL_ATW-IAF@CONUS.ARMY.MIL.

c. Faxing your completed form to the IFP Office at 717-245-4617.

d. Mailing this information in the pre-addressed envelope provided in your packet marked for the:
U.S. Army War College
ATTN: International Fellows Program,
Carlisle Barracks
122 Forbes Avenue
Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013-5239, USA.
You must mail this envelope through the American Embassy, the Office of Defense Cooperation or the Security Assistance Office.



The ITO that you receive from the MAAG, mission, or military attache should contain your complete name. A minimum of 10 copies per Fellow is required. Pay particular attention to ensure that the ITO is complete. Ensure that all portions of the ITO are properly completed prior to departing. CHECK TO ENSURE ALL OF YOUR AUTHORIZED DEPENDENTS ARE LISTED ON YOUR ITO. Ensure you understand every block of the ITO and the information contained therein.



Civilian clothing is worn extensively both on and off duty. You will need complete summer and winter service uniforms, including a heavy overcoat and a raincoat. There are many occasions when you will need your dress uniform. Duty uniform with blouse or tunic will be worn on many occasions. One set of field uniform is required.

The dress policy is as follows:

  • Military Dress. The U.S. Army War College (USAWC) Chief of Staff is responsible for designating the proper military dress for academic activities by annotation on the USAWC Weekly Schedule. All students assigned to the USAWC will be required to wear their appropriate service Class B uniform (i.e., military slacks and shirt with proper rank) for various events. Any authorized variation of the uniform may be worn (example, proper sweater, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt and tie) anywhere in Root Hall, in Bliss Hall, and at luncheons held for visitors at the Letort View Community Center.
  • Civilian Dress. During normal class days, fellows may wear business attire, (i.e., coat and tie for men and equivalent dress for women), in lieu of the uniform, when uniform is not specified. Casual civilian attire, (i.e., slacks, sport shirt, and/or sweater for men and dress, skirt, slacks with top for women), may be worn for selected social activities.



International Fellows are required to have an Official or Service Passport valid until July 2014. Passport must have an A1/A2 Visa for multiple entry valid until July 2014. When you arrive at your first port-of-entry in the United States, you will be issued a white card, called an I-94, by the customs people. Make sure this white card is marked "D/S" (duration of stay) and is stapled inside your passport.



International Fellows are required to attend a briefing concerning medical costs and coverage from their SAO before leaving their home countries. Information should cover, at a minimum, everything listed below


Your personal immunization records and those of your dependants should accompany you to Carlisle. Ensure immunization records are translated into English. Abbreviations are not acceptable; each immunization must be written in its entire wording.


Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) requires medical insurance for accompanying family members. Minimum coverage in DSCA Memorandum 11-32 is defined as:
(1) Medical benefits policy of at least $400,000 per year.
(2) A deductible not to exceed $1,000 per year for the entire policy (not per person or per incident). (3) Reparation of remains in the amount of at least $50,000, should a death occur in the US.
NOTE: This would provide for the preparation and transportation of remains to home country.
(4) Medical evacuation in the amount of at least $250,000 in the event the insured must be returned to his/her home country due to a serious medical condition.
(5) Insurance must pay benefits to a DoD medical facility if appropriate. Note medical insurance can be purchased on-line; however, the proposed policy should not be purchased until it can be first approved by the IMSO at the USAWC. USAWC has a Medical Insurance Policy Review contract in place and the contractor will review the entire proposed policy to ensure it meets DSCA and local requirements

(6) If a female spouse or female dependant is accompanying the IMS, policy must also include coverage for pregnancy to include post- natal care of the infant. If the policy does not provide for pregnancy coverage, all female dependants will be required to sign a Pregnancy Acknowledgement Form that states that should the female depend become pregnant one of three options would be enforced: a.) Current Health Insurance covers all pregnancy costs; b.) Home country covers all pregnancy costs (ITO would need to be amended to reflect this change); c.) If dependant is or becomes pregnant following arrival in the U.S., and lack or lapse of health care coverage for pregnancy is discovered, the return of female spouse/dependant to home country is automatic.

(7) The IMS and their dependants while under sponsorship of security assistance or security cooperation education/training programs are not authorized to participate in U.S. Federal or State medical/dental or other community assisted aid programs nor will they be used as a means of health care coverage.
(8) The Insurance policy must be translated into English. The ITO must list the name of the company, a U.S. POC/ telephone number and an address where claims should be sent.
(9) If healthcare coverage is not obtained for dependants prior to departure of the IMS for U.S.
education/training, dependants will not be authorized to accompany the IMS, and will not be authorized on the ITO. Dependants may be authorized to join the IMS after required medical coverage is obtained and the ITO is amended

(10)The lack of health care coverage for the IMS or dependants at any time or for any reason during their stay in the U.S. is grounds for immediate removal of the IMS from the USAWC and return to home country.


ï‚· Atlas America:

ï‚· Patriot America from IMG:

ï‚· Seven Corners from Global Insurance Solutions:

ï‚· Seven Corners from Sunrise Insurance:


(1) Bring your children’s immunization records IN ENGLISH. Records must indicate the date(s) of the immunizations. (The local school nurses cannot accept statements such as “Fully Immunized”, even if signed or stamped by a doctor or by an official agency.)

(2) In compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations, all students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 must show proof of the following immunizations in order to attend school:

- 4 doses of tetanus* (1 dose on or after the 4th birthday)

- 4 doses of diphtheria* (1 dose on or after the 4th birthday)

- 3 doses of polio - 2 doses of measles**

- 2 doses of mumps** - 1 dose of rubella (German measles)** - 3 doses of hepatitis B - 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine or history of disease

If your child has had the chickenpox disease, he/she does not need to be immunized for varicella; however, we do need documentation of the date of illness. Please send a note to the school nurse with your child’s name, date of chickenpox disease (month and year), and your signature.

*Usually given as DTP or DtaP or DT or Td)

**Usually given as MMR - must be given after one year of age)

In addition, children ENTERING 7th grade in 2013-2014 need the following:
- 1 dose of Tdap (if 5 years has elapsed since last tetanus immunization)
- 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV)
(3) Pennsylvania School Health Law requires all children to have a physical exam upon original entry into school, (Kindergarten or 1st grade,) and in the 6th and 11th grades. Use the link below to print and complete this requirement with your family physician in English. If desired, the International Fellows office will assist you in scheduling an appointment for your child at the local military health care facility.



(Please have your family physician complete the form in English.)


All local school districts will require that testing for tuberculosis be done AFTER students come to the United States. The International Fellows office will assist you in getting the TB test at Dunham Clinic at Carlisle Barracks for your school aged children.


All students entering grades 1, 3, or 7 must have had a dental exam within the past year. Some dependents are not eligible for dental care at the local military dental clinic. If you cannot schedule an appointment for your child prior to arrival, the International Fellows office will assist you in finding a local dentist.



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a. You should have immediately available at least $6,500.00 to pay for the following: first month's rent and a security deposit equal to the first month's rent prior to occupying any rental property, down payment on an automobile, automobile insurance, furniture rental and first month's electrical bill.

b. It is strongly recommended you have an international credit card upon your arrival in the U.S.


These pages, links and information are provided to assist you in your integration and attendance at the USAWC. If you need information or would like to make a comment, please contact the International Fellows Office or via commercial telephone (717) 245-4830.

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