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The International Fellows Program at the US Army War College

International Fellows Program (IFP):




a. The United States Army War College provides fellowships of approximately one year to selected senior officers from allied and other friendly nations.

b. The IFP adds a dimension to the USAWC which significantly broadens the academic environment for both students and faculty. The association and collaboration of senior officers destined to hold national level policymaking positions is an invaluable opportunity to improve mutual understanding of national security problems, operations, and preparedness.

c. Fellows are fully integrated into both the academic and social environment of the College. The IFP includes all aspects of the resident course the U.S. students attend. The only two exceptions to this are classified material and IF-specific activities such as trips, tours and the Unified Command Field Study Course in the place of the Joint Processes and Landpower Development Course for U.S. students.




a. Fellows arrive approximately six weeks prior to the start of the academic year (NLT 25 June) to allow for reception, orientation, administrative processing, and review of the academic program under the direction and supervision of the Director, International Fellows Program.

b. The orientation will help prepare the Fellow and his or her family to transition to life in the U.S. and prepare them for the demands of the USAWC. More importantly it will establish an environment of understanding for other cultures, ideas, and values to create an interpersonal bond that will remain well beyond the length of the resident course.



Volunteers from the Carlisle Barracks military and civilian community serve as sponsors to the Fellows and their families. The sponsors provide assistance as required and serve as friends and advisors during the school year. There are two  levels of sponsorship for new fellows:

a. Each IF will be assigned 2 sponsors who could come from Carlisle Barracks or the from surrounding community. They may be active duty, retired military or civilians. These sponsors will assist you with the administrative and logistic arrangements necessary for your stay at the USAWC.These volunteers work together to help you and your family understand and integrate into the Carlisle area.

b. Seminar Sponsor. This will be a member of your seminar who will assist you in adjusting to the requirements and schedules of the USAWC academic environment.

(The roles as defined and the duties of sponsors may and will most often overlap.)



Enrollment in the MSS degree program is voluntary for International Fellows (IFs). IFs wishing to obtain the MSS degree at the completion of the Academic Year must complete the following requirements:

a. IFs must provide the USAWC Registrar’s Office the proper transcripts of their baccalaureate degree (or equivalent) and any subsequent graduate degrees no later than 1 October. This may be accomplished in one of two ways:

(1) These transcripts should be sent directly from the college or university to the U.S. Army War College Registrar’s Office. The mailing address for the Registrar’s Office is:

U.S. Army War College

Office of the Registrar

122 Forbes Avenue

Carlisle, PA 17013-5216

(2) In the event transcripts cannot be sent from the college or university directly to the USAWC, a copy of the transcripts, degree, or certificate should be authenticated and certified by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or Embassy in Washington, and provided to the USAWC Registrar’s Office. If the documents are not in English, a full translation of the documents, also certified by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or Embassy in Washington, must be provided to the USAWC Registrar’s Office.

(3) These documents will be evaluated by an independent organization to determine the level of education represented by the transcripts, degree, or certificate. Candidates for the MSS degree must possess the equivalent of a U.S. baccalaureate degree.

b. International Fellows must demonstrate a proficiency in the English language. Native speakers of English, defined as those individuals who have received all of their primary and secondary education in the following countries: Antigua; Australia; Bahamas; Barbados; Belize; Brunei; English-speaking Canada; Dominica; Grenada; Guyana; India; Ireland; Jamaica; Malta; Mauritius; New Zealand; Singapore; St. Kitts; St. Lucia; St. Vincent; Trinidad; and the United Kingdom. Non-native speakers of English must demonstrate proficiency by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which should be taken prior to arrival at the USAWC. Information on the TOEFL may be obtained by writing to:

P.O. Box 6154
Princeton, NJ 90541-6154, USA

or at their website:

A score of 83 on the Internet-based test (iBT) is the minimum for enrollment in the Master of Strategic Studies degree program. To ensure the official score arrives at the War College in a timely manner, you must select the USAWC as the institution under the state PENNSYLVANIA. The Institutional Code for the Army War College is 8274. The initial TOEFL exam must be taken by 1 October. If the minimum required score was not met on the initial test and the International Fellow wishes to retake the exam, he/she must do so by 15 December.

International Fellows must complete all core and elective courses with a minimum evaluation of “Meets Standards,” and successfully complete the Strategy Research Project (SRP) with a minimum evaluation of “Meets Standards.”


These pages, links and information are provided to assist you in your integration and attendance at the USAWC. If you need information or would like to make a comment, please contact the International Fellows Office or via commercial telephone (717) 245-4830.

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