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Location and Climate:



a. Carlisle Barracks is located in the southern portion of central Pennsylvania near the capital city of Harrisburg. It is about 122 miles (196 kilometers) north of Washington, DC, 191 miles (307 km) west of New York City, and 648 miles (1043 km) east of Chicago.

b. The nearest large city in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia, about 123 miles (197 km) to the east. The Pennsylvania capital of Harrisburg is about 23 miles northeast from the War College. The municipality of Carlisle is immediately adjacent to Carlisle Barracks and has a population of approximately 19,000.


Pennsylvania has four seasons with an average temperature of about 70°F. (21.1°C). Summers are hot (80° to 90°F.) (26.7° to 32.2°C.) and somewhat humid. Winter days are cold with infrequent snow, but the weather rarely falls below 0°F. (-17.8°C.). The autumn and spring days are usually very pleasant (60° to 70°F) (15° to 21°C) during the day. The rainfall is moderate and relatively evenly distributed throughout the year.

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