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The International Fellows Program at the US Army War College

Social Activities:




Carlisle Barracks has a very active social schedule. Particularly as an International Fellow, there are numerous private and official parties throughout the year you will have the opportunity to attend.



The Commandant and his wife entertain at a reception for incoming personnel at the beginning of each academic year. This reception is in lieu of exchange of “official” or “courtesy calls” at the Commandant’s quarters.



During the academic year, classes and seminar groups conduct informal get-together activities for the purpose of forming closer friendships among the officers and their spouses. You may wish to bring some small native gifts to exchange with seminar members, Carlisle Barracks’ sponsors, and community sponsors.



Orientation trips will be conducted throughout the year to various military, industrial, educational, and political activities in the surrounding communities. Additionally, Fellows may be invited as a group to social functions in civilian communities.



a. Invitations for social events include who, where, when and what type of dress you are requested to wear. The following is a guide followed by U.S. officers to determine the appropriate dress for various social occasions. It is not feasible to specifically describe the military uniform equivalent of each country to be represented; therefore, Fellows should bring the uniform of their country that most nearly equates to the type of dress described below for U.S. officers.

(1) Formal. (Black Tie). Military—seasonal dinner dress uniform; Civilian Men—black tie/tuxedo; Civilian Women—long formal gown.

(2) Informal. The attire for men is business suit. Ladies may wear afternoon dresses or for evening events, short dresses of a dressy material, long skirts or dresses or as current styles dictate.

(3) Coat and Tie. When “coat and tie” is specified on the invitation, a business suit or appropriate sports coat and tie may be worn. Ladies will normally dress the same as for “informal” attire.

(4) Casual. Civilian casual attire for men is an open collar shirt & slacks, sweater, or coat without tie. For the ladies, slacks, simple dress, or skirt and blouse would be appropriate.

(5) USAWC Name Tag. Traditionally, these distinctive name tags are worn for activities during the academic year and will be provided to you (and your spouse, as appropriate) upon arrival.

b. The wearing of traditional national attire is always appropriate and is particularly appropriate during cultural events throughout the year. It is always nice to have your spouse and children bring costumes native to your country.



You will have numerous opportunities to share information on your country in both professional and social forums. These presentations range from regional panels on the national security policy of your country, to specific country presentations and celebrations throughout the year.



The Conversation and Culture program is designed as a fun way to help spouses of International Fellows living in the US learn more about their new environment and each other. All spouses are encouraged to attend regardless of language skills. Many spouses who do not speak English upon arrival to the US enjoy this program and form many close friendships.

The group meets weekly, usually on Tuesdays, throughout the year and American spouses join the group to share their experiences and help guide the IF spouses through the year.

Initially, the focus is on learning about Carlisle and the surrounding communities. There are some day trips by bus, but many of the outings are by carpool. Many topics are covered which are designed to help integrate the IF spouse and family members as they transition into the American cultural experience. Some topic areas include the following: shopping, transportation, schools, etiquette, holidays, travel, and more.

During the second half of the year, spouses are invited to share with the group a presentation representing aspects of their respective countries. These country presentations are the highlight of the year for both the International Spouses and for the US spouses who attend the weekly meetings.

It is appropriate to bring traditional dress from your country, if applicable, and to bring some small items to display during your presentation so that others may learn more about you and your country.

Bring recipes to share from your country, too. There are many opportunities to sample foods from around the world. In past years the IF spouses have made a cookbook to take home recipes gathered from the events that occur during the year.



International Fellow Spouses are honorary members of the Carlisle Barracks Spouses Club and are invited to participate in the many activities hosted by the Club throughout the year, including a monthly luncheon and several auctions.

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These pages, links and information are provided to assist you in your integration and attendance at the USAWC. If you need information or would like to make a comment, please contact the International Fellows Office or via commercial telephone (717) 245-4830.

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