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Links Of Interest
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDoT) Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation Homesite. Here is where you will find out some general information about driving and getting around in scenic Pennsylvania!!
Pennsylvania's Official Visitor's Homepage

The home of Pennsylvania's Official Visitor's Website. From Apples to Taxes. It's all here.

Carlisle Area School District The mainpage for the Carlisle Area School District. A nice place to visit for obtaining information about the various schools in the local area.
Carlisle Borough The mainpage for the Borough of Carlisle.
TOEFL The official website for the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Other International Fellows Programs of Interest

National Defense University

The homepage for National Defense University located at Fort McNair, Wash. DC

Naval War College The homepage for the Naval War College located in Newport, Rhode Island
Air Force War College The homepage for the Air Force War College near Montgomery, Alabama
Security Assistance Training
Field Activity (SATFA) Fort Monroe, VA
SATFA Headquarters located at Fort Monroe Virginia



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