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The Army War College is the Army's senior school for professional education. Each year students attend the resident program at Carlisle Barracks and a similar number graduate each year from the two-year distance education program. The class includes U.S. military officers from each branch of the armed services, selected government civilians and approximately 40 international students.

Their studies prepare senior leaders to assume strategic leadership responsibilities, educates them on the development and employment of landpower in joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational environment; research and publish on national security and military strategy; and engage in activities that support the Army's strategic communication efforts. It educates about 1,000 students yearly through its resident and distance education programs.

The U.S. Army War College Class of 2009 is in session from Aug. 2008 - June 2009.

The student body consists of 336 students:

  • 198 Army Officers (including 24 Army Reserve and 27 Army National Guard)
  • 32 Air Force Officers (including 4 Air Force Reserve and 3 Air National Guard)
  • 14 Navy Officers (including two Navy Reserve)
  • 17 Marine Officers (including 3 Marine Reserve)
  • One Coast Guard Officer
  • 33 Civilians
  • 42 International Fellows
The Army War College is accredited and awards the Master of Strategic Studies upon completion of the academic requirements.

The 33 civilians represent the Department of the Army, the Defense Leadership and Management Program, Department of State, National Security Agency, and Department of Homeland Security.

42 International Fellows are senior foreign officers from Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

The average military officer in the class has completed 21 years of service.

More than 74 percent of the military student body has campaign experience in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and 21 percent in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

The Army War College is accredited and awards the Master of Strategic Studies upon completions of the academic requirements.

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