Joint Warfighting Advanced Studies Program (JWASP)

This is a ten credit hour elective program designed to provide students with an advanced learning experience in Joint Force command and operations.  This program is expressly designed to prepare those students going to key positions on the Joint Staff, Combatant Commands, functional and service component commands, Service staffs and equivalent international offices.  The elective will focus on mission command, JTF plan design, development, and synchronization across complex environments.  Through interaction with active and retired senior leaders and faculty SMEs, students will discuss and develop an understanding of an operational environment and propose solutions for the complex challenges facing joint force commanders.  The program includes a planning exercise in which students conduct the mission analysis, course of action development, and other portions of the Joint Operational Planning Process.  Students will explore the relationships among the CCMD staff, component staffs, service staffs, and key functional agencies as they create their plan.  In all, the program provides an opportunity for talented senior officers to discuss and explore the traditional and contemporary challenges facing joint commanders.

  • Campaign Plan Development:  Create and brief staff products and a variety of 1-2 page JOPP products necessary for further staff planning, including mission analysis, courses of action, OPLAN, and OPLAN annexes.
  • Concept Analysis: From a provided reading list of relevant joint and multinational force operations, select a book and write a 5-7 page critique.
  • Personal Interest area: From a select group of topics, write a 5-7 page analysis of a key aspect of the selected topic.
  • Security clearance required: none
  • Course size limitations: Minimum - 12, Maximum - 60
  • Must have FI approval/recommendation and receive approval of the DMSPO department chairman for the program