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Recapture the Sisterhood, Embrace the Misterhood

AY 2012 Spouses' Project

The United States Army War College Military Family Program is pleased to announce this academic year’s Spouse Project AY 2012!

Recapture the Sisterhood, Embrace the Misterhood is a compilation of fabulous need-to-know information pertaining to connecting, coaching, and mentoring today’s Army spouse. Using feedback, personal experience, and anecdotal vignettes, the goal of this project is to reignite an interest in assuming the unique role an Army Spouse can have in this area.

“Sisterhood” will be a great addition to your resource library!

Basics from the Barracks - Military Etiquette and Protocol

A comprehensive resource to assist fellow military families with information relating to our military, national, and international etiquette and protocol.

AY 2011 Spouses' Project

It has been our privilege to continue the traditon of the spouse project by creating a guide to military protocol and etiquette. This is the culmination of both fact and reference material as well as experience
and knowledge of a committee of senior military spouses. Although the committee attempted to broaden our scope to generally apply to the military as opposed to a particular branch and touch on pertinent topics to this technological generation, it cannot be denied that an Army "old school" traditional slant is evident. Throughout this guide, there are boxed references to provide a historical context for many of these subjects in order to further appreciate our unique military traditions and


The Company Commanders Spouse Battle Book

AY 2010 Spouses' Project

A resource Handbook Each year at the United States Army War College (USAWC), the spouses of the students are given the opportunity to participate in a class project. For the past years, spouse committees have chosen to write handbooks regarding information pertinent to spouses and Family members in the armed forces. In 1996, a committee of spouses wrote IT TAKES A TEAM - A Resource for the Company Commander's Spouse/Representative.

Spouses from the USAWC Class of 2010 chose to update this particular guidebook and write THE COMPANY COMMANDER'S SPOUSE BATTLE BOOK for three reasons; use of the internet, the reorganization of the U.S. Army, and the increased deployment of units because of the War on Terror and Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. (OEF, OIF)


Battle Book IV

AY 2009 Spouses' Project

Each year at the United States Army War College (USAWC), the spouses of the students are given the opportunity to participate in a class project. For the past several years, spouse committees have chosen to write handbooks regarding information pertinent to spouses and Family Members in the Armed Forces.

Spouses from the USAWC Class of 2007 chose to update the Spouse's Battle Book, a compendium that was first written by spouses from the USAWC Class of 1998 and substantially rewritten by spouses from the USAWC Class of 2005. Now the spouses' of the class of AY2009 have continued the tradition and developed an update to the Spouse Battle Book.

  A Leaders Guide to Trauma in the Unit

AY 2004 Spouses' Project

The Leaders Guide to Trauma in the Unit is an excellent resource for all leaders that helps them to focus on the vital issues that accompany grief or trauma in and organization. - (Statement by David H. Huntoon, Jr., Major General, Commandant, U.S. Army War College)

Guidebook for the Training Battalion Commander's Spouse/Representative

AY 2001 Spouses' Project

As you probably realized from the title of this book, it is a resource for the IET (Initial Entry Training) Battalion Commander's spouse / representative. An opportunity to serve in a training battalion is a great experience. For us, standing at graduation and hearing hundreds of civilians become soldiers is very heartwarming and humbling.


Welcome To The Army Family, Army Spouse

Welcome to the Army Family. You are very important to the Army because Soldiers and their Families are the Army's greatest asset. You will find that military life can be a wonderful experience, although it has some challenges as well. You will notice right away that it is a community, but it definitely is not like living in your hometown. For one thing, you'll find that the Army has its own special language and uses a lot of abbreviations that will be new to you.
  US Army Reset Guide For Leaders

Provides leaders a menu of recommendations to guide and motivate Soldiers/civilians and their family members through the Reset process.

For a hardcopy please see your local ACS office
  U. S. Army FRG Leader's Handbook

THE PURPOSE OF THIS FRG LEADER'S HANDBOOK is to provide direction to Family Readiness Group (FRG) leaders who work to support Soldiers (also DA Civilians) and their Family members as they adjust to the long repeated separations. Perpetual preparation for deployment and redeployment is challenging for all Family members as a result of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF). Because this process is a feature of meeting today's operational demands of Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN), FRG leaders, command, and Family program professionals, must remain vigilant in identifying the changing needs of Families as they prepare and RESET for deployment. From this, implications for how best to support them may be predicted.
  U.S. Army Rear Detachment Commander's Handbook

Rear Detachment Mission:
One of the most important assignments during a unit's deployment is rear detachment duty, particularly as the rear detachment commander (RDC). Upon deployment, the RDC officially assumes the duties of the unit commander and maintains regular contact with the deployed unit commander at the mission site.
  U.S. Army Family Readiness Support Assistant FRSA

This resource guide is designed to orient and inform new Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSAs) about the roles and responsibilities of their position. As an integral part of the Family Readiness Team, the FRSA plays a key role in assisting the efforts of Commanders and Family Readiness Group (FRG) volunteer leaders in their support of Soldiers and their Families. (MATERIALS MAY BE REPRODUCED FOR DEPARTMENT OF ARMY USE.)
  U.S. Army Care Team Handbook

THANK YOU for volunteering to serve on a Care Team! Caring for one of your unit families following the unexpected death or injury of a loved one is a difficult task. The support you will provide to a Soldier and family during their time of need is invaluable. In the event a casualty occurs within your unit, the battalion commander may activate a Care Team based on the affected family's needs and request for support. This Care Team Handbook is designed to help you know the different ways in which you can support a family during this important time.

Leaders Handbook: Trauma in the Unit

This Trauma in the Unit Handbook, which has been written for leadership, provides guidance on how to support families as well as the unit response team when combat deployments and casualties occur. To help leadership gain an understanding of issues that can arise, information and research on reactions to trauma events and combat are presented. This handbook also contains information that may be used to guide leadership's response efforts in other traumatic events such as terrorist and disaster situations. This handbook is part of the Operation READY handbook series. Throughout this handbook, references will be made to other Operation READY materials as appropriate.

U.S. Army Deployment Cycle Readiness: Soldier's and Family Member's Handbook

It is of utmost importance that Army Families prepare, train, and resource themselves for the day-to-day requirements associated with Army living. They must be ready to assume command of the home front in the absence of their Soldier on short notice. This means equipping, arming, and training as Army Families to meet the needs of self reliance, preservation, and forward movement as Soldiers focus on the mission that lies in front of them.
  U.S. Army Reset Guide for Professionals

The purpose of this guide is to provide direction to professionals who work with Soldiers, deployable DA Civilians, and their Family members as they welcome Soldiers/Civilians home from their deployments and redeployments. It provides a description of some of the dynamics involved as they renew their relationships with Family members or with friends. It focuses on what challenges and responsibilities lie ahead, given the long and multiple separations that can span several years.

For a hardcopy please see your local ACS office

U.S. Army Reset Handbook For Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Family Members

Reconnecting with your spouse and Family members and restoring routines and roles after long separations is hard on relationships. With multiple deployments, and little time home, you barely have a chance to get to know each other again before another separation begins. Understanding the challenges that may lie ahead, maintaining a commitment to each other, and knowing when to get help will allow your Family to grow and thrive. It is important to remember that all Soldiers or DA Civilians and Family members have to adjust to the changes.
  Operation Ready Smart Book

This guide was prepared for the U.S. Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command (FMWRC) College of Human Ecology, Family Life Development Center had oversight of graphic reproduction and publication design, Wells Communication, Ithaca, N.Y. (MATERIALS MAY BE REPRODUCED FOR DEPARTMENT OF ARMY USE.)