It's a wrap folks! 107 spouses took advantage of this very popular Workshop while at the US Army War College. Each FLAGS Graduate learned how to be a better problem solver, strategic thinker and leader for their future communities and are ready for their new role, to serve their new community as a senior spouse. Trust the Process! Congratulations!

Spouse Project AY 2012!


The United States Army War College Military Family Program is pleased to announce
this academic year’s Spouse Project AY 2012!

Recapture the Sisterhood, Embrace the Misterhood is a compilation of fabulous need-to-know information pertaining to connecting, coaching, and mentoring today’s Army spouse. Using feedback, personal experience, and anecdotal vignettes, the goal of this project is to reignite an interest in assuming the unique role an Army Spouse can have in this area.

“Sisterhood” will be a great addition to your resource library!


The MFP wishes the very best to our AY12 AWC Graduates and wishes all of you safe travels and fun adventures at your next assignments. Please stay in touch!

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